Photoshop to create a shocking scrap metal live font effects

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Let's take a look at the final effect.

Okay, here we go!

  工欲善其事 its prerequisite, here are the tools you need to prepare:

Fonts: Http:// The fonts you download are different from the case.

Debris Material Map: A3r9br1hlghgbh4umrm402u9k2

Flash Picture:

Step 1

Create a new document with a black background of 1280 pixel *700 pixels: The document is referred to as the original document below. First we'll make a background map-load the debris material map in PS, intercept a section, copy the intercepted area to the new original document, and adjust the appropriate width according to the original document:

Use the soft edge eraser tool to erase the edges of the debris map, as shown in the following illustration:

Add two adjustment layers to this background map:

(1) The black and white adjustment layer (translator Note: This step is to make the red part of the debris material map into a black and white image consistent with the whole)

(2) Color level adjustment layer

To add a layer mask to the color level adjustment layer:

The effect of this step is as follows:

Create a new layer, use the filter-render-cloud, render some clouds at the bottom of the new layer, reduce the opacity to around 30%-40%, and have a slight effect:

Step 2

Using the fonts you just downloaded, enter some text on the screen, note that the font on the left uses light gray, and the font on the right uses dark gray, as shown in the following figure:

Add a layer mask to the font layer, use the soft edges of the brush, adjust the brush flow and opacity of about 50%, the following figure, so that some parts of the text dodge:

Add the following layer style to the font layer

Bevel Relief



Inner Shadow

Gradient Overlay

Outer Glow

The current results are as follows:

Step 3

Next, we'll overlay some pieces of texture on the text. Load the selection of the font layer, load the fragment material map in PS, move the selection to the debris texture map, and perform the copy and Paste command:

Copy and paste the texture map into the original document, slightly to the right to move a little bit, resulting in the following effect:

With the new layer of material as a clipping mask (note: alt-click the mouse to move between the top and bottom layers, after the mouse shape changes after the left button), add the following 3 adjustment layers:

(1) Black and white adjustment layer

(2) Color level adjustment layer

(3) Curve adjustment layer

Go back to the texture layer, add a layer mask to this layer, use the soft side brush to erase the top half of the texture map:

The current results are as follows:

Step 4:

Load the lightning picture into PS, use the Lasso tool, set the feather value to 30 pixels, select the Lightning area in the diagram, as follows:

Copy and paste the selected lightning image into the original document, as shown in the following figure, to adjust the black and white parameters of the Lightning layer

Then adjust the level of the lightning layer, the parameters are as follows:

The following effects are achieved:

More than a few layers of lightning, zoom, arrangement in the surrounding text, try to adjust the layer mode to "color Dodge" or "filter" to the best effect.

Step 5

Next, we'll add some flying pieces of metal to create some movement in the picture. Go back to the debris material map, as shown in the following figure, and select a fragment

Copy and paste to the original document, distort the deformation, use the soft side of the eraser to reduce the edge of some:

Resize the fragment layer, as shown in the following illustration:

More copies of several layers of debris, scattered in the picture in various locations, each of the scattered fragments to adjust the different opacity and size, so as to increase the depth of the image as a whole.

Step 6

It's almost done, Galle oil:) Finally teach you a few trick. I merged the text layer, adding filters--brush strokes--to harden the edges and set the following:

This is to brighten the edges of the text layer.

Add the following two adjustment layers at the top of the layers panel

(1) Selected colors

(2) Curve

The end result is as follows:

    • PS Text Tutorial
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