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Photoshop uses smart objects to create LOGO presentation templates for sharing

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software and share with you how to create a LOGO presentation template using smart objects.Analysis and sharing:First, we use CC2015 to create a new file. The file size is random. I use 1920*1280 pixels, and the filled background color is #232323.Add a gradient superposition for the background layer.Add a 1 pixel color, Gaussian distribution, and select the monochrome.Put our LOGOConvert the LOGO layer

Batch download templates and special effects of the "material fire" website...

Provides various official and user-released code examples. For code reference, you are welcome to exchange and learn how to batch download templates and special effects of the "material fire" website. For details, refer to the content description. Header ('content-type: text/html; charset = gb2312 ');/*1. a download link (Save the code to the PHP file and run it, and a download link will be generated)

[Unity shaders] uses unity render textures to implement image effects-a basic mix mode similar to Photoshop in image effects

This series mainly references the book "Unity shaders and effects cookbook" (thanks to the author of the original book) and adds a bit of personal understanding or expansion. Here are all the illustrations in this book. Here is the code and resources required for this book (you can also download them from the official website ). ========================================================== ===================================================== ===== Pre

30 amazing Photoshop text effects tutorials

I believe that anyone interested in design will have a certain understanding of the effect of using Photoshop to make 3D texts. The design based on texts can be as beautiful as it is. Today, this article recommends 30 very good Photoshop text special effects tutorials. Follow these tutorials to learn how to make beautiful text

Photoshop font Effects--Glass text

This is a small technique for making glass text with Photoshop. We are ready for you, it contains the text will be used in several important and cumbersome settings, download and extract you can see two files--f!logotut (no extension) and F!logotut. Acv. Please copy f!logotut (no extension) to the Lightning Styles folder in Photoshop (I use Phtoshop 5.5, the absolute path to this folder is C:\Prog

Photoshop filters create brilliant and abstract halo star effects-PS tutorial

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop filters to create brilliant and abstract halo star effects. the effects produced by this tutorial are very beautiful and difficult to create, if you like it, let's take a look at it. in this tutorial, we mainly use Photoshop filters to create brilliant and abstract halo star

Photoshop halftone pattern filter for dot or line effects-PS tutorial

We have analyzed in detail the method of rendering filters for special effects in Photoshop filters for making simple cloud effects. today we will introduce a specific example-colored dizzy glass. 1. in Photoshop, use the default black/white color to execute [filter _ rendering _ cloud]. The effect is shown in. 2. use

Using Photoshop brushes to create scary vampire effects

brushes are drawn. Figure 10 To set the layer style: Figure 11 Press Ctrl+e to flatten the layer and select the broken area with the lasso tool. Figure 12 Change opacity to 80%, the effect is as follows. Figure 13 Duplicate layer, adjust mode to multiply, the effect is as follows. Figure 14 The lens Halo filter is set as follows. Figure

Photoshop uses action to create motion effects tutorials

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the use of action to create dynamic effects of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Use action to make very beautiful dynamic effects Version requires Photoshop CS3 above, take Photoshop CS6 for exam

Photoshop makes stunning text effects

In the Photoshop tutorial, you'll learn to use a clipping mask, a variety of layer patterns and blending techniques, plus a variety of other effects to create amazing text effects. If you have any idea please leave a message, hope everybody likes this PS tutorial! Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download |

Photoshop Tutorial: A tutorial on the production of abstract human face art effects

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will teach you to create this artistic face effect in Photoshop photo processing. Throughout the process, we will implement several layers of shielding technology and image adjustment tricks, as well as some interesting filter effects applied to our image. This is an intermediate level tutorial, so some of the steps can be tricky,

Photoshop filters make simple cloud effects-PS tutorial

At the beginning of the development of Photoshop, programmers added the filter function, which was not favored at the beginning. Strictly speaking, a filter is an external plug-in. although its effect is changeable, it actually uses the internal image processing function of Photoshop. Its existence or absence is not a necessary condition for Photoshop to run. In

Photoshop to make rainbow halo text effects Tutorial

Tutorial for the PS Basic Tutorial, by introducing the use of Photoshop to make night rainbow text effects, to deepen your understanding of the layer styles in Photoshop, So that you can use this Photoshop tool flexibly in future design creation. In this PS tutorial if there are mistakes in the place please friends po

Photoshop makes tasty cookies with text effects

This is a Photoshop CS6 tutorial that will show you the detailed steps of using Photoshop CS6 to create fun cookie text effects, and we will practice some basic PS skills, such as quick selection tools, layer masks, layer blending options, and more. This photoshop CS6 tutorial belongs to the PS entry level tutorial, a

How does Photoshop turn daytime architectural photos into night effects?

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to turn daytime architectural photos into night effects. Many people do not know that many night movie lenses are actually taken at noon when the sun shines, with some professional camera settings and powerful post-processing, the film studio can be taken into the lens of the day at any time. This tutorial will teach you how to apply filters and adjust layers to convert p

Photoshop CS Fast make three-dimensional special effects text

Text/Little Hedgehog Environment support: Photoshop CS Filters required: Gaussian blur, lighting effects Three-dimensional text effects are often used in many design works, it is not only beautiful and eye-catching, by the majority of friends love. Below we will introduce a quick three-dimensional word effect method, which is mainly through the Gaussian blur an

Photoshop makes digital dot matrix world map effects

The use of Photoshop to make digital bitmap is actually relatively simple, the following is the world map of the digital dot matrix。 Let's look at the specific method together. is the world map made up of digital dots cool? If you are interested in this effect, then follow me step-by-step to create a digital lattice effect using Photoshop.  the preparation of the lattice patternFirst of all, in

Photoshop 3D Art tutorial for streaming effects

Here the three-dimensional word is also used with the 3D tools produced, but only before the selection of the appropriate font, and then some deformation of the text processing. Later rendering good stereo effect after adding some trend decoration can. Final effect 1, first we open the Adobe Photoshop cc create 995x670px canvas to create the font Hello Zcool font for "Vivaldi". For now, our text should resemble the screenshot below. 2. Next,

Photoshop adds lifelike water effects to faucets

Some netizens in the pole design theme community asked how to make water special effects, in this case, we will draw a realistic water under the faucet effect, the original image and the final effect of the diagram are as follows left and right two figure shown. I hope this example will help to solve this kind of problem for netizens.   The Key Tips for Photoshop in this example are the Pen tool path drawin

Photoshop beginner Tutorial: ruffles of paper effects-PS tutorial

We have analyzed in detail the method of rendering filters for special effects on clouds in Photoshop rendering filters. today we will introduce a specific example-ruffles of paper. 1. create an image in Photoshop and select the gradient tool. for example, set the mode to "difference ". -2. in the image, we analyzed in detail the method of rendering filters for s

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