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First look at the effect

Make an explosive effect (using software: Photoshop6.0)
1. Open a new file with black background.
2. Press D to make the foreground and background colors black and white respectively.
3. Use a filter filter-render-clouds.
4. Use the filter filter-stylize-find Edges to get the effect as shown in the figure.

5. Press Ctrl+l to bring up level adjustment panel, click on the Auto button on the right of the panel and confirm.
Results as shown

6. Now use Black to sketch out the general shape of smoke, you can paint with a pen. Get the look in the picture.
Readers can draw in the shape they like, as long as it looks a little like the shape of a cloud, and
All the unwanted parts are painted black.

7. Use the Magic Wand tool to click on the black part of the cloud around the picture and press
Ctrl+shift+i or menu command Select-inverse, so the selected part is "cloud" after the selection is reversed.

8. Press Ctrl+shift+x or menu image-liquify, appear as shown in the Panel, the Panel in the preview area of the red part is a mask, indicating that the red part is "protected" and will not be edited.

9. Now use the left side of the panel from top to bottom fourth (make the picture shrink) and the fifth tool (so that the picture expands) to process the explosion of smoke of the mass-like volume. This step may be slightly more difficult, because the effect is different from each other, you can draw, while recalling the film in the impact of the explosion is what kind of.
As a result, a few "bubbles" were raised on the "cloud" and some marginal parts were contracted.
When you are sure, press Ctrl+d to deselect the zone.

10. Click the Fourth button on the layer panel and select gradient Map in the pulled menu, as shown

Make a gradient map of black, brown, yellow, and white from left to right (gradient map uses the method of making the front flame) to add color to the explosion smoke. As shown in figure

11. The background layer for the current layer, with Dodge tool and burn tool processing. The Dodge tool is used to highlight the lighter parts of the blast zone, while the burn tool darkens the edge of the explosion smoke. At the same time can be used "finger" tool smear processing, so that the explosion of the shape more realistic, it is best to use the "water droplets" tool to "cloud" edge of the blur. The adjusted results are shown below.

12. Add some details, the explosion center will be a few rays of light through the smoke, can be made: the background layer to copy a layer (of course, to ensure that the gradient map adjustment layer is always bit and all the top of the layer), the layer of Mixed mode selection screen,opacity set to 80%. Using the Finger tool (select the brush style of the miscellaneous point class and set the appropriate pressure value), drag some radial lines from the center at the copy layer. As shown in figure

13. A new layer, placed in the gradient map adjustment layer down, randomly draw some white dots, and then use filter-blur-radial Blur, the amount value is set to the maximum, the fuzzy way to select Zoom, that is, radiation type, as shown

14. If the use of one feel not enough, you can press Ctrl+f to use again. In this way, the glow effect of the exploding radiation is even thicker. You can create a new layer on top and add small things ... As shown in figure

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