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Phpxref is a very good PHP development tool, it can be a program (such as WordPress) all the functions, variables, constants and other categories of records, generate a list of HTML pages, you can easily find out in this list where a function is defined, where to be referenced. This is very useful either for a WordPress plugin developer or for anyone who wants to study WordPress.

PHPXREF official has produced a good WordPress analysis document:, in addition, PHPXREF also produced a variety of PHP program analysis documents, Interested in Google Station can search.

The main functions of PHPXREF include

1. Document management. No matter what file you're looking for, with it can quickly search, if you have a file with the grammar rules of the note, Phpxref can also be listed next to the file name, it is easier to understand the function of the file, and do not have to find a file to search the entire folder, open each file to find comments.

2. Functions, variables, constants, class management. WordPress built-in a variety of powerful functions, classes, whether it is a character processing or remote URL to read, and so there are ready-made functions, but we often do not know this function can be found in WordPress, it is now much easier, the search is found, If you encounter a WordPress function in the development process, do not know what it is used, this time you have to find out where this function is defined, but the hundreds of WordPress files where to find it? It's better to use the phpxref.

3. file contains management. WordPress needs a lot of Include,require contains other files, but occasionally you will encounter a duplicate contains errors, although require_once can be resolved, but we also have to understand what a script contains files, to call this file also know what. PHPXREF provides a list of included files and included files for each file.

4. Source code highlighting. This feature is also more practical, but there are occasional errors in the actual test.

5. Excellent correlation function. When browsing the source code, the mouse refers to a function name, will appear next to the Mouse function definition page, as well as the number of times used, in addition, the use of more variable names, but also can directly have a page showing all the use of this variable.

Since Phpxref is so powerful, how to use it?

1. First of all, download the latest program from SF, now the version is 0.7, download that Win32 version of it. Unzip it after downloading it.

2.phpxref Directory has a source folder, which is the folder to store sources, the additional download of the WordPress source code to put here, please note, do not put wordpress/this whole directory in, but inside the file put in on the line, to ensure that the source/index.php,source/wp-content/.. Such a format on the line.

3. Run the executable file Phpxref.exe, the process of generating documentation will take about 1 minutes, because of the need for high frequency read hard disk and a large number of computing consumption CPU resources, please suspend other work.

4. After the successful, output this directory is all the documents, the proposed local use of XAMPP for debugging, the entire output folder moved to the Xampp htdocs directory, and then the name changed to remember the phpxref, so that you can pass http:// Localhost/phpxref/visited it. The effect is exactly the same as, of course, a lot faster.

Phpxref also provides a version of the document generated in Linux, but I rarely use Ubuntu, also did not go to Ubuntu under the test, I think more people need or win system, if necessary, the win under the generated documents can be moved to the server up for everyone to visit, You can also put some Google AdSense ads below the page to earn some extra money. But Phpxref generated the document is too big, a 1.2MB of WordPress (compressed package), decompression and then generate documents, incredibly to more than 80 MB location! After the compression also need to close to 20MB, so I eliminate the desire to put it on their own server (perhaps the production of duplicate mirrors will be punished by the search engine).

In addition to using PHPXREF to generate existing WordPress or other PHP model programs (such as Discuz) to learn, using PHPXREF to generate their own production of PHP programs, to verify the error or the collation of the code resources are also useful. I learned from PHP has probably written 5 relatively large programs (I think it is relatively large, but not a form of commercial products), almost also wrote 5 email address verification function, user name verification function, password verification function, MySQL class ... It seems that we have to use PHPXREF to organize the resources.

Before using Phpxref, I also read the provided by the introduction, hereby thank you.

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