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Text and background images are an important element of every modern web site, and these two items are first reflected in the user's eye, making them familiar with site logos, profiles, and navigation. Match the right photos or pictures to create the desired atmosphere.

Text and pictures play a role in the visual and content aspects of a site, and their combination is extremely effective, and even using these two elements is enough to create a unique and glamorous welcome page. Together they can break any limitations, skillfully combine and complement each other, and any idea in the mind can be achieved through them.

Today I consider trying a more minimalist approach, leaving the page with nothing more than these two basic elements. I have learned a lot about the collection of site cases, and their home pages contain only background images and clever text.

Minimalist style Welcome page: text and pictures

Life of Pi

The fantasy drifting adventure of the Junior School is full of atmosphere. Welcome to the gorgeous hazy style of the page, and the plain white text in the thick border is fascinating


Levante uses elegant feminine fonts to decorate the big round. A slender, dark-coloured navigation bar with neat light-colored characters and a home page.


White veil of the city landscape, is Allamar design important elements, so that the site looks clean and tidy. The Dark Round logo and the title of the elegant combination, immediately attract the attention of the audience, although relative to the entire page it is actually very small


Clouds over Cuba is in stark contrast to the previous example. The site also uses dark town landscapes as a backdrop, with white, fine-print banners that look conspicuous.


Beta Takaki Dynamic effect is impressive, a few office space features alternate switch, so that the foreground elements on the screen (the meaning of the knot for a long time, open the site to see only understand that the original background map is moving, with the recent popular scrolling parallax effect)


EDIT Openday 2013 employs an extremely sharp font and graphic style, with a simple, primitive style that attracts users


Iuqo is not just a background picture, but a fascinating video that lets users fly in the cloud. Compact long title, outline logo and bottom two menu items to make the homepage look very transparent


KIN HR shows a team working in the process of the scene, with a considerable title, thick standard font to make the page looks very good

Borgo 27

Soft, brightly lit background photos, and the eye-catching translucent circles on the title create the Borgo 27 warm atmosphere.

deleting Borders

The salient feature of deleting borders is the slender slogan, which occupies the central part of the whole design. Dim, Dot-noise background with a slightly transparent, high-profile font perfect to match


House has a charming and refreshing summer style. White Plain font design logo and Lomo style full screen background with excellent match


Basader is also a great full-screen video background case. The huge black leaning text, perfectly matched with the powerful fury of the ocean scene

Epok Design

Epok design is based on a variety of parallax effects, a good presentation of company information on the Welcome page, as well as matching photos and interesting introductions

Le Rockwood

Le Rockwood is designed to be used in black-and-white tones, and it relies heavily on this emotionally intense photograph, which is deliberately deepened and with a thick, eye-catching font.

Web Akademie

Web Akademie uses very dim background photos and distinctive rounded glyphs to create a sleek, stylish look for the site


Samaritaine's trick is to use fascinating video profiles to end with glamorous screen protection. The latter relies on a soft color combination, and a large coarse font with rounded contours to add additional impact


Wearegoat divides the screen into two parts and focuses the user's attention on the main aspects. The first part is for self introduction (through a short description of the text presented), the second part of the visual display of daily work scenes

Digital Park

Digital Park, with its distinctive three-dimensional polygon as its highlight, is bound to add a little depth to the design of the central part. In addition, the huge black unofficial font and drab gray background look very coordinated


Papercutart. Gray and Black-and-white photos, a large number of white, there is a small section of lively handwriting text, to the site a sense of elegance

Demi Creative

Warm pictures, extremely prominent titles, Demi creative beautifully combine the two to inject symbolism into the site

Mountain Standard Vail

With retro navigation and creative logo support, Mountain Standard Vail a very impressive style.

Swedish seasons

Swedish seasons shows a gorgeous landscape, covered with dark translucent triangles, lined with menus and site titles. Overall, this site has a delicate and elegant appearance

My Life in Years

My life in years is a unique web site with a distinctive concept. The home page contains an abstract line background and a large, simple font that directly places the author's ideas in the most prominent position.

Loft City Church

Loft City Church contains a full-screen picture carousel that displays information about the church activity to the user. A group of perfectly arranged headlines that clearly illustrate the design aesthetics of the site


Moio uses amazing monochrome vector logos and rugged fonts to inject a sporty style into the site.

Aguru Digital Agency

Aguru Digital Agency gives an artistic impression. Dark painting backgrounds, delicate menus, and elegant but slightly cheerful font design logos that convey a great sense of balance


Usually designers prefer to use exciting background images, and then slightly darker, to avoid the contrast is not obvious. Almost pure white light in any such background are gorgeous and clear, so you have the opportunity to stone. First of all, you don't have to waste time making extraordinary fonts--regular fonts--all you have to do is choose the right weight and size; second, you can also use a chic background image to fan out users without reducing readability.

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