Polar satellites are not paired up for resolution

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Polar satellites can be used to enhance the signal of pole routing, suitable for large and signal users have to use, some friends of the use of the polar satellite is not very familiar with the method, this article introduces the polar satellite pairing method and the matching of the common problems of the troubleshooting instructions to help people get started faster, eliminate WiFi corner.

Pairing method

First of all, to ensure that the small pole can be normal wireless internet access, and then the polar satellite placed in the small half a meter away from the power, wait 2 minutes to match, when the polar satellite led into a blue light illuminated steady, paired successfully, at this time can be connected to the background of the equipment to view.

Pairing unsuccessful troubleshooting

1, see if the pole route has access restrictions, limit the presence of satellite Mac in the list, if any, please turn off access restrictions, click the following figure "set Mac Limit"

2, whether the SSID wireless name is hidden

3, whether within half a meter range

4, if still not paired successfully, the polar satellite can be power off for 1 minutes, after the polar satellite power to wait 2 minutes, and then to the polar satellite to restore the factory operation, to the polar satellite led into a blue light illuminated steady, into the router backstage to see if the device has a polar satellite.

5, Restore the factory method: in the Polar Satellite (the same as the small pole recovery) under the state, using sharp objects to poke at the side of the polar satellite rst hole, 6-8 seconds later, waiting for the polar satellite to restore their own completion.

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