Powerful Tool for code generation-What is ncodegenerate? Powerful Tool for code generation-What is ncodegenerate? Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (1) code generation tool for traversing all tables in the database-ncodeg

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Ncodegenerate is a razor syntax based on the. NET platform.CodeGenerate a tool.

Main features:

1. Use razor and C.

2. syntax highlighting prompt, which is automatically folded.

2. Enter a smart prompt. The @ model syntax smart prompt is supported.

3. The parameter model is directly customized using the C # class.

4. Supports multiple databases (currently MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle), and supports expansion of write plug-ins.

5. Support output to files.

6. Complete database structure objects, compatible with codesmith

7. Single-step debugging

7. Free of charge.

8. Prepare for open source.

: Ncodegenerate.zip

Document: Document

Not to mention nonsense. There are pictures with the truth:

1. Method prompt

2. Parameter prompt

3. Model C # custom code



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