PowerShell extension tool Second wave!

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Get pull Client in DSC pull mode

In DSC pull mode we cannot get the current pull Server configuration for the applicable node computer through the interface
This time we bring a new command extension: "Pullservernodestatus"
Include a new command in the extension
The command will get the node computer for the current app configuration from the specified DSC pull server, as well as the configuration status, refresh time, and so on.

Install the extension before you use it
The command has only one parameter dscpullserverfqdn the parameter does not accept pipeline input
This parameter indicates the FQDN, NetBios, or IP address of the DSC pull server

650) this.width=650; "title=" This parameter will indicate the FQDN of the DSC pull server, NetBios, or the IP address "style=" height:92px;width:582px; "border=" 0 " alt= "This parameter will indicate the FQDN, NetBios, or IP address of the DSC pull server" src= "http://www.ilync.cn/photos/attached/ 65e010a1cef2288b41cc3a057227b0b8.png "width=" 762 "height=" 109 "/>

TargetName indicates that the zodiac node is configured
StatusCode indicates the current configuration app state
Configurationid indicates the configuration that the node applies To

Of course you can also use SELECT * to display all of its information
650) this.width=650; "title=" Of course you can also use SELECT * to display all of its information "style=" HEIGHT:175PX;WIDTH:586PX; "border=" 0 "alt=" Of course you can also use SELECT * to display all of its information "src=" Http://www.ilync.cn/photos/attached/75144762b8e92f5881143287cd9e5c2d.png "width=" 707 "height=" 219 "/>
Snapin Download Baidu Cloud:Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qWHNXVI
This snapin information applies to Windows Server version 2012/2012 R2
The framework version. NETFramework 4.0
Current Snapin Version
Minimum Windowspowershell version 2.0
The following table lists the snapin tested platforms
Target platform Available
Windows Server 2012R2 YES
Windows Server YES
Windows Server 2008R2 not tested
Windows Server 2008 is not tested

Do not use this command in a production environment, and if you are sure to use it in a production environment, test it well
Shanghai Union Education and the author does not assume any responsibility for any unexpected behavior in the production environment of the order.

---This document by the Department of Education (HTTP://WWW.ILYNC.CN) Tian Mengbo original offer, if you have any questions, please phone: 021-60745131---

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PowerShell extension tool Second wave!

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