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Look forward to Google PR finally in 2011 before the advent of the Spring Festival significantly updated, the previous PR has ceased to update the rumors also collapse. Regardless of the Sogou of the SR or Alexa, Baidu itself also has a measure of the standards of the site, it goes without saying that the PR value of some sites. Natural site quality is relatively good, Google has been given a higher weight, although Google has not intentionally said to the PR do not look too heavy. The fact is that a lot of sites in the exchange of links, the PR has a clear request, that means that the webmaster in the heart of the PR is still very recognized, because we know that Google compared with peers, in the determination of the weight of the site is more accurate and objective. In the webmaster mind, although Google has been hanging up the appetite belatedly, but the PR is not cloud.

First, Google search just the leading position, so that webmaster more value PR

If Google is now a more impartial search engine, I think most of them will not have too many objections. This justice is, on the one hand, it rarely intervenes in the natural rankings, if the intervention is only constantly improve the algorithm, so that the site rankings and the weight of the given more close to the user needs; the second is its perfect algorithm, so that more valuable sites to the front of the show to the viewer; third Justice, We have been inkling from Google for its freedom not to accept censorship by the Chinese government, which is that it can uphold the principle of freedom and even abandon the need for interest.

Google's core philosophy is to achieve a healthy company, its not evil behavior norms, has been a lot of the same industry. Do website construction or network optimization peers know that the early years if you do not do promotion, may overnight your site in a search engine to disappear. And we all know that this is not Google, and will not appear on Google. Is now Google has also been insisting that the site's promotional ads and natural rankings to distinguish, and with very obvious color block labeling. Good business ethics and credibility to win more trust, webmaster like another reason is that Google for the standard, regular website optimization is not objectionable, but to guide and encourage attitude. Some of the domestic search engines, we seem to be able to understand more.

 Second, PR is the comprehensive embodiment of the quality of the website, but also the important basis of the site ranking

There is no doubt that the PR6 site has been given a weight greater than the PR4, as Baidu judge the weight of the site, the different sites of its assigned weight is also different. The weight of some sites have some common features, such as snapshot update more frequent, is included in the page more, there is a more direct is the same keyword ranking compared to the former. But with a search engine algorithm constantly updated, these are constantly changing, relative to the subtle constantly changing, Google gave a more macroscopic reference, is the PR value. In general, the PR value of the site will be updated three or four months, sometimes even longer time in a stable period, so for the quality of the site to judge, is a vane.

Why say Google PR value is a site weight of the comprehensive embodiment of it? We will explore the origin of Google Pr. Google believes that a good site, its page content has been reprinted more than a few times, search engine spider program from a certain page, touch this site text link also must be more. This relatively primitive and simple calculation method, let us understand a truth, judge the weight of two important aspects of the site: rich content and reverse link. Later, the major search engines continue to enrich the weight of the site to judge standards, the introduction of site content original and quality standards, the introduction of Web browsing volume and the number of reprint, is simply the reverse link, but also introduced the different weights of the site assigned values are also different concepts.

Based on the search engine algorithm for the purpose, we can not be difficult to understand why some Web sites ranked relatively forward. And Google gave us a direction, if your site quality is constantly rich, the most obvious site of the Google PR value will be relatively high. In fact, now more than Google, Sogou's SR is the truth. So the site optimization, is simply based on the promotion of Google PR value of the consideration, if seriously to do the PR rising, the site ranking must be able to slowly go up, and almost all of the search engine (of course, human intervention will be the right of the site except). We can also take a look at the major search engines ranked very much in front of those sites, which PR value is not very high?

Third, link transmission weight, high PR nature more by stationmaster favor

In the exchange of links, some sites clearly Google PR value as a judge of the other site is the important basis for compliance. As mentioned above, Google PR clearly indicates the relative quality of a website. On linked issues, search engines not only record the number of backlinks, but also the quality of the imported linked sites. There is a webmaster once stated that a high-quality reverse text link (the general PR value in more than 6 can be considered a high quality site), is worth 100 of the general Web site links. The quality of the site in the link to play a role in this, so in the exchange of links, the vast majority of those who want to import links to the quality of the site, and preferably a peer site, because this is in line with the principle of link relevance, bring the weight will be higher.

Want to link a high weight of the site another reason is that other people's links to your site to pass weights, the same your site also to be linked to the site to bring weight. If the other side of the site weight is relatively low, no doubt you will give each other a higher weight. In other words, the search engine in judgment and given the weight of the site, not only will care about who brings you the link, to bring you how much weight, will also care about where you link to, and give each other how much weight. Understand this truth, we in the exchange of links when we need to grasp the two criteria one is the relevance of linked objects, preferably peers or related industry sites, the second is the site weight of linked objects. Exchange links value PR, Ningquewulan worth insisting on.

Two years ago, someone seriously took out Google's notice, said the PR value has stopped updating. Of course, Google PR after the cut off time to continue to update the rumors do not attack the broken, in this year, there are still webmaster vowed to say that Google moved to Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland's website will stop updating its PR value, but the PR is still updated, although it is in our anxious waiting. Can predict is, as Google decision site weight and ranking algorithm important part, Google PR will continue to maintain the update, because this in the majority of the minds of the owners have become indispensable. Google PR itself also reflects the quality and weight of the site, Google has no reason to stop and there is no reason to cancel. This article by the professional website construction Company, Shanghai Pilotage Technology ( to organize the original, the more wonderful content we will continue to launch.

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