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This morning, I started to set up the TFS environment. First, I installed VM workstation 6 on XP, and then created a virtual machine of Windows 2003 Server to add IIS to the virtual machine operating system, ASP. net function, vs 2008 is installed (because TFs is required. net Framework 2.0 support, I want to use the TFS function, must be combined with vs 2008 for verification, simply installed together), and then began a long SQL Server 2005 Enterprise download process, the download speed is over one hundred kb. It takes only one afternoon and one night to get rid of the GB download file.

The next day I went to work and saw that the express train had downloaded the file. I felt a bit refreshed and did a good job. decompress the package and run the installation.ProgramIt's just vomiting blood. It turned out to be a development edition wearing a vest. It's dizzy! The data layer of TFS must be SQL 2005 Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition, and development edition cannot be used! There is no way to continue searching on the Internet. This time I downloaded it to a standard edition and ran it. This time it was a real Standard Edition and I started to Install SQL 2005. Everything went smoothly, start to Install SQL 2005 SP3 (although the TFS installation guide shows that SP1 or SP2 can be installed, but the latest patch is already SP3, it must be the best in mind, use it), and then install Windows SharePoint service3.0 (the TFS Installation Wizard is written in this way. You can see it after reading it carefully. In fact, when installing TFS, install wss3.0 together), then install TFs 2008, and then faint again. After the Environment check, the system prompts that SQL 2008 is required (the screen is forgotten )! My day, the TFS Installation Wizard clearly states that SQL server2005 Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition can be used as the data layer!

I am dumb to think that the TFS Installation Wizard is released around the world and cannot cheat everyone. I should correct the problem. I am using v080918, which should be quite new, so I guess it should be the fault caused by SP3. I Don't Know How To uninstall SP3. At pm, my head was dizzy and I didn't go to Google to uninstall it, you can directly uninstall SQL Server 2005 in the control panel, and then Install SQL Server 2005 again. This time, download SP2 to install it. By AM, SP2 has not been installed yet, I will go back.

Early the next morning, we checked that SP2 had been successfully installed and started to install tfs2008. When we checked the system status, we waited anxiously for the results to verify my guesses, when the results came out, I was not angry with me, but failed to pass the check. However, I was prompted instead of the last error prompt:

It turns out to be two services (SQL Server proxy service and SQL Server Browser service are not started and set to Automatic startup), services. after the MSC entry, it was completed, and then carefully clicked "re-scan" and finally came out:

Haha, it seems that my guess is correct, but I don't know why after SP3 is installed, I will be prompted to Install SQL Server 2008, and I will go to the official Microsoft forum to ask a question. No one has answered me yet.

The next step is smooth. After TFs is installed, install team Foundation build and tearm explorer. I will write an article about the installation process of each step and share it with you.

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