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Chromexico teaches you 10 tips for using Google Chrome. Google Chrome saves toolbar and other useful things, but their functions are hidden and can only be opened through special operations.

1. First, the back button. If you right-click the button, the access history will appear, so that you can switch quickly ,:

2. Press Ctrl + Shift + T to open the last closed tab.

3. The search suggestion has been integrated into the browser address bar. Entering a question mark before the query will help you find the search engine suggestion.

4. Google calculator has been integrated into the browser ,:

5. text fields can be freely stretched.

6. Right-click the page, select "inspect element", and switch to the "Resources" tab. You can analyze the elements on the page and their occupied time.

7. Drag and Drop the tab to create a new window!

8. After downloading the file, you can drag and drop the file to any place.

9. If the site supports opensearch, the situation will be even better. You can directly start the site search in the address bar.

Follow these steps to manually add a search engine:


keyword-Wiki ( that's what you need to type in the address bar )

URL-http://en.wikipedia. Org/wiki/Special: search? Search = % S

You can also use the keywords for other kinds of services: for translating web pages, for bookmarking pages online or simply as aliases for web pages (omit "% s" from the URL ).

Name-Google Translate (English)


URL- U = % s

10. You can download the latest chromium open source project at any time to upgrade your browser kernel. Please visit here.

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