Practical tips for Turbomail licensed mass mail servers

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Professional and technical support of a stable mass mailing, can improve our work efficiency, reduce unnecessary time, cost of investment. Turbomail Mail System 10 research and development of innovative road, to help enterprises better mail to carry out work, to ensure the safety and accuracy of mail delivery! Turbomail Mail server Support Enterprise mass mail (excluding spam), personalized mail settings, for each enterprise mail tailored to the design, a precise personalized corporate mail, will make the mail marketing more than twice.

1. Support multiple IP

Ordinary mail server in the process of bulk mail, because the server only supports one IP, while issuing thousands of corporate mail, it is easy to be used as a source of spam is blocked. Turbomail mail server supports multiple IP at the same time for mass mailing, on the one hand, can allocate the number of mass messages per IP, on the other hand, when an IP is blocked, other IP can continue to work, to avoid a fixed IP at the same time the bulk of the enterprise mail when the risk of being blocked.

2. Mass Mailing Report

The business value of a precise enterprise mail is often more than a needle in a haystack fuzzy positioning type of mass is much higher, the message sent out, the enterprise most concerned about the first is its read volume, ordinary Enterprise mailbox in the mail sent out after the helpless, Turbomail Mail Server Mass report to the enterprise group of each message implementation tracking statistics, can be implemented to specific accounts, and can show the number of sending failures and email accounts, so as to facilitate the development of enterprise mail marketing work.

3, Mail letter back

The mail was sent out but was returned, always unable to send success, the message back too many letters. The Turbomail messaging system provides DKIM functionality that, when configured with this feature, adds an encrypted digital flag to each e-mail message when it is sent to support a comparison between the receiver and the records in the legitimate Internet address database. Because Gmail, Yahoo, Sina, QQ and other mailbox systems will be DKIM verification of the collection, so configure this function, can greatly improve the customer to send mail to these mailbox system success rate, thereby increasing the delivery rate of mass mail.

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