"Practice" Modifying parameters

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1. Number of user processes (modify process=300, restart Library query)

Sql> AlterSystemSetProcesses= -Scope=SPFile; System altered. SQL> shutdownimmediate;Databaseclosed.Databasedismounted. ORACLE instance shut down. SQL>Startuporacle instance started. Total System Global Area830930944bytesfixed Size2257800bytesvariable Size591400056bytesDatabaseBuffers230686720Bytesredo Buffers6586368bytesDatabasemounted.Databaseopened. SQL>Show parameter Process;name TYPE VALUE------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------Aq_tm_processesinteger     1cell_offload_processing Boolean truedb_writer_processesinteger     1gcs_server_processesinteger     0global_txn_processesinteger     1job_queue_processesinteger      +log_archive_max_processesinteger     4Processesinteger      -Processor_group_name String

2. Diagnostic directory Location (diagnostic_dest) in/u01/app/oracle.

SQL>  show parameter diagnostic_dest;name                                 TYPE        VALUE-------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------diagnostic_dest                      string      /u01 /app/Oracle

"Practice" Modifying parameters

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