Precautions for system migration

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In actual work, we may often encounter a situation where the system needs to be migrated from one server to another.

What problems should we pay attention to during the migration process? Through the last system migration, I have summarized the following points:

1. database migration. If it involves a database, you must first back up the database and restore it.

However, the Database Job and dblink cannot be copied directly. You need to redeploy the job and dblink, and store

The corresponding dblink In the stored procedure and function should also be modified.

2. ApplicationProgramYou don't need to talk about this, and you should pay attention to modifying the configuration file. The database has been replaced,

Therefore, you must change the database connection string in the configuration file.

3. All the corresponding WebServices must be migrated. if the name of the configured webservic changes, the corresponding

The program also needs to change, and the database corresponding to WebService also needs to change.

4. If the application download path is not a relative path, it also needs to be changed.

5. If the port number and website address mapped to the server are changed, the system must make corresponding adjustments.


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