Preparation and finishing of cabinet in integrated wiring

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1. Preliminary preparation

First of all to inform users without affecting the normal work of the user to clean up the cabinet.

Then according to the topology of the network, the existing equipment, the number of users, user groups and other factors to sketch out the internal wiring of the cabinet and equipment location map.

Next, prepare the required materials: Network jumper, label paper, various models of plastic ties (strangled dogs).

2. Finishing Cabinet

Install cabinet:

You need to do the following three things yourself: first, use a random box with screws and nuts to tighten the cage; second, bring down the cabinet and install the movable wheel; third, adjust and add the bezel on the retention frame according to the location of the device.

Finishing Line:

Group the network cable, the number of groups is usually less than or equal to the number of rack behind the cabinet. The power cords of all the devices are bundled together, the plugs are inserted from the back through the hole, and the individual devices are searched through a separate rack.

Fixed equipment:

Adjust the bezel in the cabinet to the appropriate position so that the administrator can see the operation of all devices without the boot door, and add the bezel appropriately according to the number and size of the device. Be sure to leave a gap between the baffles. Place all the switching devices and routing devices used in the Cabinet in accordance with the drawings that have been prepared in advance.

Network Line Labeling:

All network cable Connection, the need to identify the network cable, will be ready for the instant paste into the network cable, and with the pen on its label (generally indicated room number or what use), the requirements of the logo to be easy to understand. The crossover cable can be distinguished from the general network cable by using a different color sticky spot. If there are too many devices, classify the device and label the device.

3. Post-work

UMC Test:

When the confirmation is correct, connect the power to the network Unicom test to ensure the user's normal work-this is the most important.

Document Update:

Update the contents of this cabinet. Re-draw equipment layout and cable Connection diagram. On the diagram to indicate the number of equipment and the identification of network cable, for inspection and inspection. It's a good idea to add a username to the diagram as well. Last dated and informant.

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