Price/performance E3 exclusive high-end game installed configuration scheme

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  A set of classic cost-effective E3 high-end game installed configuration scheme, as follows.

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Classic high-end high performance price 6000 yuan to strong E3 play the game a masterpiece configure recommendation
Accessory Name brand model reference price
processor ¥1299
heatsink ¥99
video card gigabyte GTX1060 G1 gaming 6GB ¥2099
motherboard asus B85m-gamer ¥499
memory Kingston HyperX Hacker Fury 8G DDR3 1866 ¥349
Hard Drive 240G SSD Solid State hard Drive > Great white box (side-Through game box) jumper450s power supply (rated 450W) Dell se2416h 23.8-inch narrow border IPs flat-panel monitor ¥899
Mouse Pack 6051 yuan (including single display and monitor computer)
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Computer Hardware Reviews:

Processor, the E3-1231V3 processor is Intel's previous generation of classic quad-core high-end Xeon processor, with i5 price, high-end i7 performance laudatory name, high-end cost-effective. E3 1231v3 Processor is not only a low CPU price, high-end CPU can carry B85 mainstream-level pro-min motherboard, effectively improve the DIY computer cost-effective.

Xeon E3 1231v3 Classic high performance ratio processor

Specific specifications, Xeon E3 1231 V3 processor Default frequency 3.4ghz,8m two cache, Quad core eight threads, performance comparable to high-end i7 processor, because of shielding the core graphics card, the price appears more pro-people, more cost-effective. Of course, as the previous generation of Xeon CPUs, the current deficiencies are mainly in the B150 motherboard is not supported, not support the next generation of DDR4 memory, but the user has little impact.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the configuration of our choice of the chip cpu+ alone to buy the radiator scheme, which is cheaper than the direct purchase of the box province, suitable for the user to focus on cost-effective adoption.

Gigabyte GTX1060 G1 Gaming gaming Graphics

Graphics, the configuration of small and medium-sized is recommended for everyone is gigabyte GTX1060 G1 gaming game-level independent video card, this year's sweet grade new game graphics card, the main frequency up to 1594-1809mhzhz/8008mhz, with 6GB GDDR5 large video memory, 192bit mainstream bit wide, and have faith lamp added, with low power consumption, high-performance, cool appearance of all metal back plate features, easy to play the game.

Other Hardware and Computer configuration reviews

For a set of DIY computer, CPU and graphics card basically determines the performance pattern of the whole machine, while the motherboard, memory, hard disk, chassis power supply, display, etc. mainly play auxiliary role, but also need a balanced collocation, otherwise there will be barrels effect, and finally to look at other brand hardware.

Motherboard, the Xeon E3 1231v3 as the previous generation of CPUs, still supports only 8 series motherboards, does not support DDR4 memory. This set of small compiling with a relatively high standard first-line ASUS B85 game motherboard, ASUS B85m-gamer game motherboard, using 10K black gold capacitor materials, with memory protection, the Chinese BIOS interface and other characteristics, the use of solid materials, the expansion of rich. In addition to the game players also provide Gigabit network interface, the ultimate network protection and player audio and other experience, with excellent stability and good gaming experience, and the current price is very close to the people.

ASUS B85m-gamer Game Board

Memory and hard disk, since this year's National day, the memory and SSD prices have a lot of gains, but in the short term there is still no trend of price reduction, so the recent installation of friends still can only wronged some. In the configuration, it is recommended that the Kingston 8GB DDR3 1866 High frequency memory and 240GB moderate capacity of the solid-state hard drive.

Chassis power supply is the choice of aviation Ka brand side-through power supply and 450W rated high-power power supply, because the next generation of graphics card power consumption is not high, 450W high-power brand power can also be very good to meet the needs of the machine power supply. Of course, if you consider later upgrades, the power supply can also choose a larger number.

Dell se2416h 23.8-inch narrow border IPs LCD monitor

Finally, the monitor, which is selected by the well-known Dell se2416h 23.8-inch narrow border IPs liquid crystal display, the monitor was recently reduced to 899 yuan, the price is more prominent, quality has a superior experience.

Computer Configuration Reviews:

Although this year Intel launched the six generation E31230-V5 processor, but in view of the price does not have the advantage, and the motherboard cannot support the six generation mainstream B150 motherboard, but needs specially to carry the price more expensive server series motherboard, the new E3 platform is not cost-effective, therefore chooses the user far does not have to period many. Today for you to recommend this set of Xeon e3-1231 v3/gtx1060 6G platform, the machine performance reached high-end level, you can play all kinds of large-scale games, and have a good price, interested friends, may wish to consider.

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