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The ThinkPad T-series laptops, the mainstream of the business market, have been renowned for their exceptional stability, safety and good use of comfort. T60 for the current ThinkPad T series flagship products, the new T60 also equipped with the latest Merom processor, the overall performance is more powerful.

In appearance, T60 inherited the classic black coat of ThinkPad notebook computer, quite show steady, capable. The 14.1-inch display is a traditional 4:3 design, and its resolution up to 1400x1050 is ideal for design, graphics and other applications. The keyboard has always been the strength of the ThinkPad notebook, T60 in the text input, just the right key-cap rebound force and moderate key distance and key to allow users to get a very good touch, long time use will not appear the feeling of sore fingers.

As a business model, security is undoubtedly critical. First of all, the internal use of the T60 fuselage magnesium alloy skeleton, it's internal hardware protection and F1 racing "anti-roll frame" for the race driver's protective effect is the same. The use of magnesium alloy skeleton, the fuselage strength of the T60 is 30% stronger than that of the previous generation; Secondly, T60 the hard drive damping rails and APS dynamic HDD protection technology, in the presence of vibration or other common impact, can maximize the protection of the hard disk from damage; Again, T60 also has an embedded security subsystem, Fingerprint recognition function, can give the data in the machine with impregnable protection.

As the value-added of notebook computer products, after-sale service has been paid more and more attention by consumers. T60 has three years of complete machine warranty (System battery for one year), so that users exempt from the worries.

Basic information:

Highlights: Unique security and stability, keyboard feel good

Shortage: Price is on the high side

Service Hot money: 8008108888


Editorial reviews: As Lenovo ThinkPad New generation of business flagship models, T60 in the overall performance, function, stability and safety of the outstanding performance, can be qualified for the business elite of the mainstream business applications.

Lenovo ThinkPad T60 (2007GT1) Information:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 (2.OGHz)

Chipset: Intel 945PM

Memory: 512MB ddrii 667

Hard drive: 120GB (5400rpm,sata)

Graphics card: ATI mobility RADEON X1300 (64MB)

Optical drive: COMBO

Display: 14.1-inch sxga+ (1400x1050)

Volume: 311mmx255mmx26.6mm

Weight: 2.13kg

Reference Price: 19700 RMB

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