Profit model exploration: selling virtual props and commercial ads

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First of all, the history of our website. In the winter of 02, Taipei Street, I stopped pedestrians in the cold Wind questionnaire questionnaire, girls feel like a "home" site will be more attractive. Soon, the pink "Love Apartment" was born, with a target audience of 18-28-year-old women. 05, the "Love Apartment" moved from Taiwan to Shanghai: "Now to see how the love apartment in the mainland to achieve what height." "06 Love Apartment to achieve more than 1 million dollar profit, expect this year will break through 2 million dollars."

"Anyway, free to continue to go on, open to the last user of the day" deep remember, in the fall of 2002, I, Lin Dongqing, Lin Zhiming founded the dating site less than two months, Yahoo Taiwan launched a dating site. "It was a sad news. "At that time, Taiwan has more than 10 million netizens, 90% is the Yahoo Taiwan set as the first page, such a giant suddenly launched a dating site, and our own site is just a tender baby, what do you say to compete with them?" "After a few days of questionnaires on the street, I decided to be a female emotional community. Soon, the love apartment in Taiwan online, users can register an apartment on the site, regularly decorated rooms, pets, watering the garden. Soon, users in Taiwan jumped to more than 200,000. With the addition of hardware, more than 100,000 NT will soon be spent. "Then every day to eat soy sauce noodles, run to the bank to borrow money to buy the server." ”

Later, we started the charging mode: 25 yuan a month to collect membership fees, while the sale of virtual props. At the beginning of the charge, the number of users began to fall back, but the monthly revenue and expense of the site is flat. "Even if the number of users has been reduced to no longer attend to, anyway, free of charge, it will be open to only the last user of the day of good." "Later," the day did not come, on the contrary, registered users began to pick up, users also began to accept the purchase of virtual props and other fees, the site slowly embarked on a steady profit track. At present, the love apartment registered users reached more than 6.7 million, active users more than 2 million. Next year will also increase the number of SNS website wireless value-added services.

"The way to survive is to sell virtual props and commercials."

"I never even thought about having venture capital. ”

Love Apartment founded 4 years later to get the first venture capital, from Techventures's 1 million dollars. The way we survive is by selling virtual props and commercials. Of the more than 1 million-dollar earnings per year, these two accounts accounted for 70% and 30% respectively. However, there is no intrusive advertising on the Web page. "We are the shape of the community, online advertising also to use the image of the way to performance." Our ads are mostly based on individual activities, with the current season. "Last year Tanabata festival, ebay ebay and our cooperation, hosted the" 20,067-day ebay ebay for your Happiness Bill "event. One months after the launch, the statistics from ebay show that the hits are over 2 million. My ideal is to sell all the virtual props into advertising products. For example, with Nokia, Sony and other brands to cooperate, is currently in contact with Ikea, hoping to sell "brand furniture" in the game.

How users cultivate habits and form circles

Look at how people live in our lives, or see how they develop access habits and form fixed circles. For example: At night 6 o'clock, small Liu landed love apartment, into his room, to feed the pet dog, and then play with it, and then to the courtyard to water the flowers, spend a dollar to buy a tree down. Xiao Liu has been in this website for 3 years and has 3000 flowers in the garden. Many people reflect the beauty of our interface, like the Pink fairy tale Kingdom of girls ' dreams. Later, gradually accustomed to the garden watering flowers every day, thinking about the pet, the regular exchange of netizens also formed a fixed circle. The website often gives out new virtual furniture and decorations, and she will buy a little and they think "to improve their mood after work." ”

"Cohabitation" is a word that surprises many people. Well, when you apply for a room, you can live with her or him and build a network of two people. "Love in the apartment does show a lot of love stories, some network stories, but also have a real." "At present, the love apartment to VIP members charged 12 yuan monthly fee, the sale of virtual goods and virtual image." For example, an average household spends about 10 yuan a month in a love apartment, buying furniture and decorations and dressing up her room, "it has become a habit to water flowers every day." "Such households, accounted for more than 50% of the love apartment."

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