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Now we have an idea: to be Program Dedicated staff im, which has been collected in the Forum for some demands:
Http:// Id = 5221578
Http:// Id = 5221507
Http:// Id = 5221506

Now we will deploy and continue to collect requirements. I will release relevant management documents for your reference, which will inevitably require your suggestions. If there is no accident, you can get this operation: management Documents, project organization methods, N-plus FunctionsCode, The Code Management of the program itself is convenient for everyone's work; for those who contribute, you can also: advertising fee sharing (if there is, I will not contribute more than 25% ), more timely email notification, more than N people collaborate to develop the communication experience, the author list is reserved.

The requirements collected are as follows:

0 the part with the key is closed source, and the part with the penguin is open source.
1. The key-based components above are the framework, the basic collaborative communication suite, the DD Collaborative Modeling, And the billing system.
2 others are completed by fans
3. Once the billing system is complete, all participating developers can obtain the advertising fee share of the software.
4. Based on years of experience, I will promptly provide various management documents
5. Why should we close the Source: Framework and billing system, advertising?AlgorithmIt cannot be made public. Otherwise, the so-called contributor share cannot be discussed. In addition to billing, other parts are open-source to those who participate in the Development. dd has been a product for many years, and now it is necessary to make public part of the code.

Planned deployment:

V1.0 framework + chat and communication suite + chat client (Text Chat + and display + code highlight and indent + URL collection)
------------------------------ Baseline of about 2 months and deadline of about 3 months -------------------

V2.0 V1.0 + basic collaborative communication suite + dd Collaborative Modeling + chat client (V1.0 + code flowchart + network notepad + code collection manager)
------------------------------ Baseline of about 2 months and deadline of about 3 months -------------------

V3.0 V2.0 + freemind collaborative mind management + chat client (V2.0 + network hard disk + personalized Avatar + news or forum + Remote Control)
------------------------------ Baseline of about 2 months and deadline of about 3 months -------------------

The full budget is delayed and completed in 12 months. Participants can sign up here or mail me a

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