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Keep thinkingProgramWhat do people say about their development after the age of 30? Today, they are in poor state and have no intention of working. Your thoughts may be a little messy, and you may be confused. Do not check your account.

Programmers are still in the sunrise industry. Why? Check if we are surrounded by new forces. When we are about to enter the workplace in the 90 s, you will find that there are still some people around you, I am still working as a programmer in the S and S. I sometimes wonder what kind of programmer is in my 30 s or 40 s five or ten years later? According to the group I came into contact with, it has the following characteristics:

1. some people go to management posts. These people have a wide field of vision. When others write code, their heads are high and they always look farther and farther than others, these people also have a strong ability to sum up and reason, and they can easily see the essence of the phenomenon. These people are few.

2. some people go to technical experts. These people are characterized by deep vision. when others are satisfied with the completion of functions, their heads are low and always look deeper than others, another characteristic of these people is their perfectionist preferences. They want to make things perfect and reach their limits. These people have fewer people.

3. some people are far away from programmers. These people only regard programmers as bridges or experiences. They are better at looking for opportunities, giving full play to their abilities, and fostering strengths and circumvent weaknesses, their coding capabilities are generally or slightly poor, but they know what the purpose of being a programmer is. In order to become a consulting consultant or go to technical sales, the technical background makes them as good as they are, these people are a little more than 1 and 2.

4. more people maintain the status quo. Some of them are easy to meet and want to live a stable life. Just like other industries, this is just a job, from coder to coder.

5. A very small number of people go to the extreme, which is also an extreme. They cannot recognize themselves, do not want to change, have the characteristics of being paranoid, and live in their own world.


Which one do you want to choose? Or open up a path...


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