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Okhttp Cache Max-age and Max-stale detailed

First, prefacePrior to understanding the use of okhttp cache, and the use of the cache is a preliminary summary of 80650856. The cache is primarily intended to obtain resource information directly from the cache in the absence of a network, or when

An algorithm for solving shortest path with Dijkstra (Dijkstra) in C + +

Algorithm Introduction The Dijkstra algorithm was proposed by the Dutch computer scientist Dixtra in 1959, and is therefore called the Dixtra algorithm. is the shortest path algorithm from a vertex to the rest of the vertices, and solves the problem

Photoshop path tool

There are a lot of hotoshop tutorials on the Internet, but there is little talk about the path, it is very puzzled, you need to know the path is also a powerful tool in Photoshop. The series of articles you have read will give a detailed explanation

Max External Interfaces

Sometimes, we want to manipulate Max from the outside. For example, I sent the motion information of the Kinect to Max a few days ago. max itself provides a way to register itself as an OLE Automation object, which is disabled by default. In the OLE

Management of texture resources in Max

Recently, it is found that the texture of Max may cause problems to the producers. The common problem is the uncertainty of the texture path. The root cause is that the Directory creation is inconsistent. There is a common problem,Max opening a file

(algorithm) Binary Tree Max Path Sum

Topic:Given a binary tree, find the maximum path sum.For this problem, a path was defined as any sequence of nodes from some starting node to any node in the tree along the par Ent-child connections. The path does not need to go through the root.For

Max Export Model plug-in

First, the following preparations need to be done:1. Install a full version of 3D Max with Visual Stdio.I installed 3D MAX 2012, it is best to find a full version, because the full version of the learning materials and the SDK for learning, very

"Minimum path override" "Dichotomy" "Max Flow" "Dinic" bzoj2150 Tribal Wars

Bare minimum path overlay.Split each point into a two-part graph.For point pairs that can be connected (i,j): I->j ' (1);For any point I, if I point is '. ': S->i (1), I '->t (1);The answer is all '. ' Number-Maximum stream (maximum number of

Max Stream Augmentation Path (km algorithm) hdoj 2255 Ben-off make money

Topic Portal1 /*2 KM: Bare topic The first way, it seems to be the upgrade version of Hungary, not good understanding, write some comments3 km algorithm is used to solve the maximum weight matching problem: In a binary graph, the left vertex is x,

Reading and modifying Asset file Paths in the 3DS Max file

Some people found the following information in the MAXScript reference for 2010: NEW in 3ds Max: the 3ds max scene file Now provides Asset Metadata in a separate stream which can is accessed and modified by external applications. T He Asset

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