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18-docker Network Fourth Lecture-Network alias (Docker series)

This article is from the "Knowledge Forest" In the previous example, the communication between the container and the container is done through the IP address in the network, which is obviously unreasonable, because the IP address may change when the

Set your own liux alias

You can customize your frequently-used alias in your shell configuration. For example, when using CSH ~ /. Cshrc.   General alias:Alias CD1 'CD .. /'Alias CD2 'CD .. /.. /'Alias cd4' CD .. /.. /.. /.. /'Alias cd3' CD .. /.. /.. /'Alias ls' ls --

Linux command alias

Linux command alias set aliasLinux-Generic alias:alias cd1=‘cd ../‘alias cd2=‘cd ../ ../‘alias cd4=‘cd ../ ../ ../ ../‘alias cd3=‘cd ../ ../ ../‘alias ls=‘ls --color=tty ‘alias ll=‘ls -la ‘alias lt=‘ls -lhrt ‘alias lz=‘ls -lhrS ‘alias

C language typedef: Give type an alias _c language

The C language allows for a new alias for a data type, just like a nickname for a person. The purpose of alias is not to improve the efficiency of the program, but to encode conveniently. For example, if you have a struct whose name is Stu, you

Make Alias customizations permanent (+ common aliases) under Linux CentOS

Alias simplifies complex command strings so that a single word or a simplified command can implement complex (usually long strings with many parameters) commands.Basic usage:Alias Simplify command = ' actual long string command '//actual long string

Some Understanding about SQL and mysql that alias cannot be called

When writing SQL statements, some statement aliases cannot be called. Baidu's reasons are due to different alias mechanisms. In order to avoid making the same mistake again next time, I summarized the information found on the Internet. The execution

Row-to-column: SQL Server alias and usage explanation

In database operations, we sometimes need to implement "Row-to-column" requirements. For example, the following table shows the weekly income table of a store: WEEK_INCOME(WEEK VARCHAR(10),INCOME DECIMAL) Insert some simulated data first: Insert

A wave of practical bash shell finishing _linux shell

As a command line seeker, you may find yourself repeating the same commands over and over again. If you always use SSH to access the same computer, if you always connect a chain of commands, if you always run a program with the same parameters, you

Linux Kernel upgrade-update NIC Driver

Linux Kernel upgrade-update NIC DriverThe current kernel (2.6.32-220. el6.x86 _ 64) upgrade to the target kernel (2.6.33-110. el6.x86 _ 64), but the compiled target kernel (2.6.33-110. the corresponding driver of el6.x86 _ 64) does not necessarily

Listen to the voice of freedom----installation and configuration of sound card driver software Alsa under Linux __linux

Listen to the voice of freedom----installation and configuration of sound card driver software Alsa under Linux Recommendation: yy810310 Published: December 9, 2000 read times: 294 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

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