Programmer's struggle history (16th) -- Discussion of habits

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This is a good habit in 21 days. I insist on running as an example.


Habits determine what you can achieve. Think about the top candidates for college entrance exams in each province each year. When interviewing them about why they can achieve such a result, they all talk about their good habits. Once a good habit is developed, it can become a part of your life. This is the truth.



I personally think that I still have some good habits. Of course, there will inevitably be bad habits. Good habits should be adhered to, while bad habits must be corrected and abandoned.


A person will benefit from his good habits and suffer from his bad habits. If you can live a good life and achieve good results, you must first develop good habits. People with good habits can easily find the best in their lives.


From today on, develop good habits.




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