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I have participated in the development of several products and have never encountered the current situation: the coordination of different functional teams is not coordinated, and the development efficiency is unprecedented. The estimated release time is estimated to be more than one week after the expected release time, this has to be reflected.

Why is it so slow?

    • Product requirements and business logic are often ignored.

First, in terms of products: at the beginning of product design, the product owner must clearly determine the requirements and functional scope of the software to be designed, in some cases, it is not appropriate to clarify clearly.
Second, program and Interface related personnel: the program tends to ignore the requirements and business logic, and the details of the business logic are gone, because after all there are original models and interfaces, you will know how to do it at a glance, however, sometimes it is easy for me to subconsciously "I think this is the case" to cause business logic deviations.

    • Collaboration and collaboration

Product implementation requires the collaboration of products, programs, interfaces, tests, and artists.

1. After the basic prototype is determined, the product owner should also communicate closely with us and the interface after the interface is reviewed. The product owner's idea change involves the change of the interface logic and the interface design of the artist.
2. The artist works with the program to cut the chart according to the program requirements in some places. Different platforms may require different graph cutting methods. The program and the artist often have a little conflict. The artist and the program cannot understand each other's pain points. This is normal.
3. Basics of testing, interface, and program collaboration: interface documentation. The importance of the interface documentation is needless to say. During the project development process, everyone should maintain the same interface document. Each interface indicates the developer, enhance communication, and ensure that the latest interface information is known in time.
4. clear division of labor within the group. The task division should be clear, the time required for the task should be clear, and the task should be responsible for the module developed by itself. A morning meeting is required to let everyone know the general progress of the project.

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