Project Summary with Hamburg

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Overall, I think our group to do this project is still possible, at least one thing is to run, to achieve the basic function, of course, if it is perfect is certainly not, we have a lot of this project deficiencies, such as fault tolerance, the interface is beautiful, there are functions and so there are need to correct the place, We will continue to learn about developing Android. In this team work, my group started with five people, but later because some members are not suitable, we chose the unit, our final team members have Yang Linghu and Yang Jiane Two people, in the project, the two of us are often discussed together to do, Weibo is I (Yang Linghu) responsible, We feel that we have made great progress in this cooperation, and we look forward to the next cooperation.


The first layer: Home Ann is a good person, ability is quite strong, all aspects of knowledge is good.

The second layer: If you can pay attention to the details and can help me to write a micro bo better, haha.

The third layer: In general is a responsible person, can trust the teammates. Continue to refuel.

Team Score:

Yang Ling Super 21

Yang Jiane 19

Project Summary with Hamburg

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