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I have always wanted to learn about this famous stuff. I am afraid of my understanding of javascrip and have never dared to continue. I saw a lot about prototype in Ajax in action yesterday! I can't escape it. I 've been busy for a day. It's amazing! Javascript, I almost love you! Haha.
For herself, it is still a little difficult to understand prototype. Her syntax and design are not that easy to understand. Fortunately,Tan zhenlin has a very detailed Translation Research on his blog. Good materials! Thanks to these selfless heroes and the spirit of sharing it!
According to his explanation, I wrote an example for a day. Starting from $ (), prototype makes JavaScript more active and easy to understand.
The following is an explanation of prototype in <Ajax in action>:
Helper library is a help library written in Javascript. It focuses on extending javascrip to support more object-oriented styles. The javascriptCodeIt is generated through Ruby. That is why Ruby on Rails and Ruby on Rails are born one another.

The following figure shows my understanding of prototype's importance and position:

I wrote it in one day. I have 20 small examples. It feels good.
As suggested in Ajax in action, JavaScript should be viewed and learned in a formal language.

------- 2006.7.6

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