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When it comes to pride, I often think of the days when I was still at school, when this myIE2 browser made me realize that there were so many good browsers to choose from, in addition to the system's own Internet Explorer. Although I have also used some other browsers, but there is no browser can give me the proud trip to bring me the shock feeling, including Firefox, including Chrome, even if these browsers have all kinds of gorgeous expansion features, but in the browser's most fundamental compatibility, there are still problems.

Proud Tour 3 Browser appearance

In the era of 3, the use of IE and WebKit dual-core browser to my life and entertainment has brought a lot of convenience. And on December 10, the proud tour 4来 to our front. The new style of proud tour to the current fiery concept of "cloud" as the theme, even the name has become proud Zhang browser. According to the official tour, Proud Zhang Browser (proud Zhang) is the industry's first effective through a variety of browsing equipment, the next generation of browsers. Relying on the strong across the platform Cloud services, proud Zhang users from a single device or platform completely liberated, providing a truly seamless browsing experience, so that seamless browsing in people's lives become a reality.

Proud tour of the website of the trailer page

It can be said this proud tour relies on its own original cloud engine, proud Zhang broke through the artificial limit of the type of equipment or operating system, the user's browsing equipment to connect together. Proud of the cloud is not limited to a single device owned by the ecosystem or operating system, so that users easily achieve in the browser of multiple types of data connection and sharing, so that "seamless browsing" concept is no longer virtual.

In this latest version, the tour continues to show the HTML5 of its global standards. AO Tour independent research and development of the "dual core" by the internationally recognized Html5test website, become the world's HTML5 in the performance of the best browser support. Proud tour The graphics processor (GPU) of the parallel computing capabilities into the kernel, the use of GPU to H.264 video coding hardware acceleration, in a significant reduction of CPU footprint, while achieving high-definition video graphics smooth playback. Proud Tour has been committed to HTML5 technology research and development, become the navigator industry leader.

Cloud: The foundation of Zhang Browser

What are the features of the new version of the Zhang browser? Let's take a look at the following. In fact, proud of the introduction of Zhang browser effectively solve the current network users face a substantive problem, is how to enable users at any time to the different devices on the browsing experience to be unified. Most of the time we want to get the same experience on mobile terminals or tablets and other PCs, in the past we may use the installation-free version of the browser to solve this problem, but always holding a USB drive is not too realistic, and the intelligent Terminal installation mode and product performance form and the PC completely different, users for this big headache.

Proud tour for the new version of the launch of the event

Proud Zhang The following three important product principles to fully solve the problem, the first is to maintain the versatility of the platform, proud Zhang can be in Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platform to run independently, whether it is PC users, mobile phone users or tablet computer congestion, can guarantee the same browser operation experience, second, in the use of the scene, the device's data versatility is the most important, whether the user is using a Dell desktop computer, or Apple mobile phone, or Samsung Galaxy tablet computer Browsing the Web, proud Zhang can easily achieve data on these devices to share, The most important point, of course, is that these are based on the cloud services of the proud tour. The user stores the data on the cloud, ensuring the consistency of the usage experience.

Proud Zhang supported by each platform is based on its original C4 cloud engine, effectively protect the data information on all platforms upload, download and synchronization. C4 is a fast, reliable, and secure engine developed by proud travel company, which is based on a high-performance distributed architecture system and effectively realizes a truly seamless browsing experience. It has high-performance cloud backup, synchronization and sharing capabilities, but also through advanced encryption means to ensure the user's data security. In general, we can summarize the technical features of the new Zhang browser into the following points:

Speed: Proud Zhang optimizes the Web engine to increase the speed of browser page loading and application operation. Its speed beyond any other browser;

Cloud synchronization, download and push: Proud Zhang can sync account data on different devices that the user chooses, a collection and label that allows users to save files downloaded from any and all devices to the cloud and get them on other devices; users can send their browsing requirements (Web pages, text, pictures, and links) from the page to their designated device;

Easy to use and control all equipment: Proud Zhang design simple, easy to operate. Users can achieve the same user experience on different platforms, get rid of the closed operating system, and can share information with other operating systems and devices.

Appearance and details

Through the preview version of the download address, we successfully downloaded to the version of the beta Zhang Browser, this version of the browser size 27M, the file volume acceptable.

Proud Browser Installation Interface

After downloading the installation package to the local side, we can start to install the new proud browser. The installation step is very concise, in addition to can change the installation directory, there is no other options, for users to install on the installation does not have to consider too many problems.

Proud Zhang Browser Open Interface

After installation, the implementation of shortcuts on the desktop, a new generation of proud Zhang browser opened. It is worth noting that even if you do not uninstall the machine installed 3 browser, click on the 3 shortcuts or programs, open are proud Zhang browser.

and AO 3 compared to proud Zhang browser interface is more refreshing, the default interface of the gray theme appears neat, very scientific and technological sense.

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