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Final Effect Diagram:

Tips: Tutorial Demo version is CS6, you can also CS3 and above version.

Step 1

Create a new file with 1000 *460 px size, foreground color settings: #9193c3, background color settings: #525578. Use the gradient tool-radial gradient, pull from the center to the corner, the default foreground color to the background color gradient on the line, the effect is as follows.

Drag the "sack texture" into the layer mode to "multiply the bottom" and resize it to the size you like.

After installing the font, open the Settings panel of the font, the parameters are as follows: Color #d8d8d8, size 250pt, character spacing 50, font rejoice.

Step 2

Add a layer style to the text, with the following parameters:

The color parameters for the shadow mode are: #d8d8d8

Texture, loading the "white texture pattern" in the material, the screenshot is not loaded, forgive me

Add inner shadow, color parameters: #

B5b5b5, others as shown:

Add projections, as shown in the figure:

The effect is as follows, with the effect of the difference yo

Step 3

Pull up the brush window and set the following:

Set a little cumbersome, exactly what to do, Next:

Right-click a type layer--Create a work path, and then a new layer, named "Strokes," where the toolbar should stop at the brush.

Set foreground color #cdcdcd, background color #f3f3f3, knock "enter" key 5--7 times, add stroke path to text, if you want to see the effect, press shortcut key "a" to direct selection tool, then enter, Path Wood has.

CTRL + click the text layer thumbnail to get the selection.

Create a new layer, name "texture", change foreground color #d8d8d8, background color #858585, then filter > Render > Layered cloud.

Ctrl/cmd + D cancels the selection.

Filters > Noise > Add noise, parameters like figure

Change the blending mode of this layer to soft light, which is useful for rendering blur effect.

Step 5

Just select the text selection, create a new layer, and name the stripe.

Change the layer blending mode to linear depth.

Set the foreground color you like, this is #e890b9. Select a hard edge round brush, size rejoice.

Press "shift" to drag from left to right, and so on to continue the next stripe, you can resize the brush so that it is not too monotonous.

Select the Pen tool, and note that the options bar is the path. Draw the path, as shown in figure.

Step 6

Select the Eraser tool, bring up the brush panel, and set it as shown.

Brush tip shape:

Shape Dynamics:

Look at the toolbar selected is not the Eraser tool, confirmed, press the return, to add a soft fringe edge.

Pull up the Brush panel, select the grass pattern, set as follows.

Brush tip shape:

Shape Dynamics:

Create a new layer, named "Fringe Edge", to confirm that the foreground color is striped, then knock 3--5 the next car, enhance the edge effect.

After the results look satisfactory, deselect the path and turn on the filter > Sharpen > Sharpen edges.

Change the stripe of the layer blending mode to normal.

Select stripe and stripe edge two layers, merge layer (ctrl+e), change layer blending mode to linear deepen.

At this point, verify that the foreground color is a striped color and that the background color changes to white. When you have finished confirming, select Filter > Noise > Add noise with the following parameters:

Drag the pen drawing layer to the top.

Copy the text layer and pen drawing layer, then select the central text layer, right click > Clear Layer Style

Merge copied two layers, named: Shadow

Drag the layer to the following location:

Add a style to the shaded layer, with the following parameters:

This will add three-dimensional to the text

Step 9

Select the brush panel and set the following.

Brush tip shape:

Shape Dynamics:


Color Dynamics:

Repeat to confirm that the foreground color is striped and the background color is white. Then create a new layer under the shadow layer, named the Broken wadding.

Add some broken wadding around the text.

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