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10 courses for beginners in Photoshop (1)-PS tutorial

Lesson 1: If you are a PS guru, this is a PS guru's experience and I hope it will inspire you. 1. if you don't want to see other people's work, just say: Give a tutorial! You should think about how this was made. When you come up with your own ideas

PS After 25 years, it is best to use the free PS plug-in Statistics-PS tutorial

This foreign high-quality translation tutorial will share with you the best free PS plug-in, hoping to help you use Photoshop for 25 years. Over the past 25 years, Photoshop has had a huge impact on the world. We all know that Photoshop is one of

PS Animation Production: teaches you how to use PS to create a streaming River animation effect-PS tutorial

You can also make animations in ps, do you know? It is easier to create an animation in ps, and the effect is also very realistic. So how to implement animation in ps? Today, I will teach you how to use psto create animated streaming river water

PS Action quickly create cool design effect

This foreign excellent translation course mainly introduces how to use the Photoshop action function, quickly creates the picture of the cool design effect. The PS tutorial is not very difficult, very suitable for the PS beginners Learning practice.

Ai+ps to create a fairytale dream-like 3D font effect

1. Usually people dream at night, so we turn the main hue into cyan and lime green. 2, at the same time, the layout of the time to a complete atmosphere, giving people feel like telling a story. 3, in the operation of the font, trees, branches,

Css+div Web page production PS Chettu Raiders

Understanding Photoshop (PS) CSS Chettu required tools Adobe Photoshop is usually called PS. div CSS Prerequisite cut diagram Tool PS screenshot Most of the understanding of Photoshop is limited to "a good image editing software", do not know

PS Webpage Design tutorial IV-how to create a professional blog website layout in Photoshop

Pay tribute to the talk-mania website. A year ago, I saw many good web design tutorials on this website. A year later, I looked back to see if there were any new tutorials, And suddenly found that the website could not be opened. The website name

Small white must learn: PS Pen Tool Quick pull drawing skills

Photoshop is a widely used graphics processing editing software, and the pen tool in the use of the drawing is also used very widely, pull the map, that is, from the background to separate a specific object, and the premise is to pull the picture is

PS Small white must learn to pull drawing skills

To pull a map is to isolate a particular object from the background, and the premise of the pull is that we have a completely clear image. In the process of image processing, the drawing is very popular, especially for web design, poster design and

Difference between saving as a file and saving as a webpage in the PS file menu-PS tutorial

I found a technical document on the Internet more than a week ago. Although you can probably know which storage method is more suitable when you use ps, you should stay on the basis of experience. This article provides detailed analysis on file data

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