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Add mbstring extension and linuxmbstring extension to php in Linux

Add mbstring extension and linuxmbstring extension to php in Linux 1. Today, a php function (mb_strcut) is used in the development project, and an error "call to undefind function mb_strcut" is prompted when running the code. First, check whether

PHP conversion Lunar C extension development

PHP conversion Lunar C extension development this article is mainly to familiarize yourself with PHP extension development, development of a lunar extension seems useless luan. One of the reasons for PHP's success is that it has powerful extensions

What is the PHP mcrypt encryption extension? Specific introduction to the MCrypt extension

In specific project development, sometimes we may need to encrypt some data in front-end interactions. SoPHP provides mcrypt encryption extension to encrypt and decrypt data. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the MCrypt

Linux to add an extension library to PHP _linux

Plus what will be the problem, do not report what is wrong, so when compiling PHP, in addition to the necessary directory specified, many parameters are not added ... When I installed the Web program, I found that a lot of parameters are to be added,

SQL Server Reporting Services custom Data processing extension DPE (data processing Extension)

When I was working on a SSRS project recently, I encountered a situation where the project had multiple databases, each on a different server, but the database objects (Table/view/sps/functions) owned by each database were identical. Later, the

[Original] using PHP to build a socket Service Based on swoole extension (with PHP extension installation steps)

In a recent project of the company, a socket service needs to be built using PHP. PHP is not suitable for services because it needs to use efficient and stable TCP protocol for data communication in cooperation with third parties. After several

PHP source code ext/mysql extension part _ PHP Tutorial

Extmysql extension of PHP source code. I have written an external module extension. now I am looking at the mysql extension in the PHP source code. it can be integrated into PHP, so it should be a built-in extension. I have written an external

Mac installation Phpredis extension, Macphpredis extension _php tutorial

Mac installation Phpredis extension, Macphpredis extension curl -O https: //nodeload /nicolasff/phpredis/zip/master tar -zxf master cd phpredis-master/ phpize . /configure --with-php-config= /usr/bin/php-config make sudo make

Add php extension OpenSSL, MySQL via phpize

PhpizeThe Phpize command is used to prepare the compilation environment for the PHP Extension library. In the following example, the source program for the extension library is in the Extname directory: 1 2 3) 4 5 $ cd extname $

Install memcached and two php extension software (memcache and memcached) and memcachedmemcache

Install memcached and two php extension software (memcache and memcached) and memcachedmemcache Baidu cloud installation package: k3ap1. Install memcached Memcached is a libevent-based event processing, so its

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