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A good picture, not only the need for good models and good planning, and the combination of emotional photos will become the finishing touches. Please come to the little monsters today to share your rich retro tone techniques.

First of all, the original image and effect map

Every time I fix the picture, I will look for the bright spot in the photo, in which I am attracted by the light and shadow on the face and the back box. So in the latter part of the process I will focus on the intensity and hue contrast to focus on strengthening this section. Open RAW format, first I adjust is color temperature, let the light in a warm tone point, as for the parameters, I never look at the parameters, I only look at the pull of the photo effect, to the extent that I am satisfied with the ~ if I tell you a parameter today, whether you can apply it next time? or according to each picture of the different to adjust their own picture of the mind.

After the color temperature was pulled, I realized that I had noticed a slight exposure to the face, there are also light and light effect is very dull, then I will adjust the exposure in raw format, (due to the site when shooting, the limit of the site, can not be added to the window of the soft light plate to the dark, so I chose to take all the details of the photos first clear, If you're worried about the details of your face, keep the exposure down when you shoot, the overall details will be lost, a lot of friends said, can be placed in the raw format adjustment back, but white is white, black is black, it is always without details, hard to adjust back will cause quality damage, so we should know how to choose before shooting , if you are a picture of the range of the face, that can be based on the face of the exposure, if you are based on the overall, that exposure or to the overall main) I adjusted the exposure in RAW format, the raw format to adjust the purpose is to reduce the quality of the damage, after adjusting the face of the light and shadow on the obvious point. Then go.

We store images, I generally put on the desktop, easy to pull use. But after this pull the dark details are obviously dimmed, we adjust the exposure to the original state, and then open the image. Then we'll start with PS, portrait repair process.

After we open the photo that we restored to the normal exposure, just save the raw format on the desktop of the exposure of the dark point of the photos dragged into the PS ~ overlay in the picture, and then we hold ALT + dot mask, the formation of Black Mask (why black Mask, I use White can also ~ Of course also can, This is based on your brush area to set, I just want to wipe the face and the light on the box, I use the black Mask saves time and effort, if the size of the wipe is larger, I will use the white mask operation, which is based on the needs of the screen to operate.

I use the brush tool to slowly wipe out the details of the face, maybe some of the friends did not understand how this step is going on, I am here to explain to you, I have just used the raw format to adjust a darker but the correct face exposure of the photos stored in the computer, and then restored to the original exposure, Open the image to survive an overall exposure, but a picture of the face was exposed. Then open the photo of the face that was exposed, and cover it with a black mask. Then wipe the face with a brush tool in the mask, this is what I often do the local adjustment method (if you can take the scene on the outside of the light than pressure down to this level, then the early completion of it, if the way to do earlier, then we have a little hard to find ways to use the smallest damage, to do a small project, and adjust it back. Do you feel comfortable with the exposure of the screen?

Exposure problem solved, then we will do is to see if there are any flaws in the screen to clean up, I hate that socket, I use the Stamp tool to remove it, you can use the Lasso tool and then the right mouse button, fill--content recognition to get rid of it, can also use the patching tool to remove, Anyway, we have to use the habit of which it, according to the individual likes to decide.

Approximate portrait repair It's almost there, the model is good, I'm not going to liquefy, (if you feel bad, you can download the picture to help her liquefied, and then dms to her, maybe she will be very happy) skin, also do not need to repair with repair tools, basically no major flaws, I began to cut the screen, I personally like 1:1 of the screen recently, of course, this is my personal preferences. There may also be people who like to cut after all the pictures are done, I like the first cut, this can be unnecessary duplication of work, do not part of the adjustment well, a look is cut off, live for nothing, at least left the place is my own favorite, so I like to cut after the color.

In fact, the principle of PS photo is very simple, and painting a truth, first painting, in color, see this picture my first reaction is retro-style mahogany furniture feeling, so the hue will be inclined to a strong point. And before I paint, I want to contrast the picture a little bit, I pull contrast like to copy the layer, and then mix the options to choose the soft light to adjust, I looked at the effect, the overall effect of the contrast is too strong, and dark details too deep, I put the layer transparency pull, 50% feel right, But the face and the overall effect is too close, the layer to copy, you can ctrl+j to copy, you can pull the layer to the following layer button to copy, this look personally like. Some people will ask, you do not have to deepen the operation of it? Yes, deepened the contrast, we copied the layer to add a black mask, with the brush in the face contrast deepened, so that more prominent light and shade, become a bright spot.

I generally like to adjust the colors in the optional color, of course, will be adjusted with the color, will also use color balance. I first put the color of the face roughly adjusted, I chose the color neutral color to enhance the face of the warm tone, but the adjustment of the whole also adjusted together, I continue to use the brush, do not need to wipe off the place. The warm tones of the face will be more prominent.

In the color balance to adjust the main color, as close as possible to the color of the face, but also a little bit of deviation, so you can highlight the face of the light and light, and then continue to the face of the color of the mask to wipe out, there is a small contrast between the face and overall tone.

Next i in the optional color black department in the cyan adjustment, slightly add a little green, let the black also a little bit layered sense.

Or feel a little bit, so I added a point saturation, in fact, the natural saturation is also good, we can try ~

Finally, in order to feel retro, add a bit of noise to the photo, filter-noise-adding noise, and some polishing.

Finally use the color level to adjust the screen, so that the picture has red.

Finally, there are a lot of friends asked me PS have any good tutorials? I always answer is to first the tools are cooked, and then with your feelings to repair it ~ Thank you.

The last page with large artwork, need friends can try.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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