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First step:

Let's start with the simplest shapes, and it's pointless to add details at the outset. First, create the most basic shapes. If you create a beautiful shape without adding any effects, this is a very good start. Like a building, you need to have a good foundation so that you don't collapse easily.

Open Photoshop,ctrl+n to create a new canvas. Choose the size and resolution you need. The size is not too small, so we can see the details.

2nd Step:

In this design, we want to create an effect of StarCraft text. First download and install the StarCraft font. We fill the background color with light gray to replace the default white, so that the white background and text contrast too strongly.

3rd Step:

Adds bevel and emboss effects to text. The default numerical effect is definitely not what we want, we need more intense effects, and that will be more impact. Increase the "size" of the value, pay attention to see how the edges and corners of the font become clear. Size selection of 20px is more appropriate. (font size is different, you need to set the number will be different, the specific circumstances of their own grasp.) We need sharp edges and edges to set the "method" to carve clearly. Continue to adjust the angle and height of the shadow, which determines the contrast of edges and corners.

All numerically adjusted effects:

4th Step:

Next we'll use a rusty texture. Download texture footage, turn it on in Photoshop, we only need the rust-mottled texture, but not the color, so perform menu image > Adjust > Go color. We continue to adjust the contrast of the footage image. Ctrl+l turns on the color order and adjusts the light and dark parts to enhance the contrast.

We need to save the texture for the text effect. CTRL + A Select all, execute menu Edit > Define pattern, rename pattern.

5th step:

It's time to apply textures to our text effects. Double-click the layer style, open the texture overlay option, and select the rust texture that we defined in the previous step. The effect looks too strong, set the blending mode to dot light, and the opacity setting to 20%.

6th step:

Now the color is only black and white, this step we will add some color. Open the Layer style panel for color overlay. The color we choose here is #5288a4 and the opacity is set to 70%.

Look at the overall effect.

So we have a basic hue. The default bevel and Emboss shadows and the high light still don't reach the effect we want, so let's adjust the color of the high light and shadow. Set the color values to #13fffc and #005780 respectively.

7th step:

Now the overall look is still relatively flat, there is no very strong sense of three-dimensional. We need to create a layer of bevel and emboss to enhance this feeling. Select the text layer, ctrl+j copy a layer, delete the duplicate layer of layer style effect. and set its padding to 0.

Because our next step is to change the opacity of the color overlay to 100%, you drag the pattern overlay on the following layer to the copied layer, otherwise the color will obscure the effect of the pattern.

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