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PS production of high-light navigation background tutorial as you are introducing the hover state background, the production of the effect is very good, recommended to come and share the study together, first to see the final effect of the picture bar:

Some time ago a friend asked how to achieve this effect, today I write a simple tutorial, hope for everyone useful, and if you are confused about what effect on the page, please leave a message to me, I will try to send a tutorial to share with you.

First look at the final effects and tiering:


1, the background color is set to #280021, create a new layer, draw the following graphic with the Pen tool, fill the color, and then the gradient overlay in the layer style is set as follows:

2, create a new layer, use the Ellipse tool to build a selection on the graph, and then fill in white, as shown.

3, cancel the selection, select "Filter" "Gaussian blur" to blur the white. The specific value depends on the effect, the effect is as shown.

4, the layer's blending mode set to "overlay", now looks too bright, you can reduce the transparency. Then remove the white that goes beyond the graphic below. As pictured.

5, create a new layer, hold down CTRL click the graphic layer to get the graphical selection, and then select Edit-Stroke to stroke it, as shown.

6. Set the blending mode of this stroke layer to overlay, and the transparency set to 40%, depending on the effect. As pictured.

7, next add the upper high light first. Create a new selection with the Pen tool, then ctrl+enter it into a selection, and then press and hold Ctrl+alt+shift and click on the layers below to overlap the two selections and drag the gradient tool (white to transparent) to the bottom left to the lower right (note when dragging, Do not drag too large, starting from the top left edge to drag to the bottom left edge can be adjusted to adjust the transparency of 80%. As shown in the figure.

8, hope that the above high light more real, you can first set this layer blending style to "overlay", and then duplicate a layer, the copy of this layer of mixed style set to "normal", and then slightly lower the replication layer of transparency of 70%. as shown.

9, below the bottom of the high light processing, new layer, select the Pencil tool, white, the layer on the bottom edge of a line, as shown in the picture.

10, then, set the blending style of this layer to "overlay", and then click the Mask icon for the layers panel, as shown below at this point. Then select the Gradient tool, set to black and white, and drag from left to right, as shown

11, new layer, select the flexible brush, color white, set the size of about 14, at the bottom edge of the graphic click, as shown. Then ctrl+t it longer, as shown in Fig. The layer blending mode is then set to "overlay", and the light beyond the edge of the graph is deleted, as shown.

12, the same as the above 9th, 10-step operation, the difference is that the layer blending style is "normal" rather than "superposition", and then appropriately reduce the transparency, so that it has a bright line. As shown in figure

13, the same as the above 11 steps the same operation, the difference is that the brush size is set to 10, smaller than 14 of the above, and then the layer blending mode set to "normal", and appropriately reduce a little bit of transparency. As shown in the figure.

So far, this small effect is completed, in doing similar light effect, the most important application is Gaussian blur and "superposition", the rational use of these two functions will add a lot to the work.

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