PS Pull out the location of the female birthday system elegant style

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The final effect for us very much like the Japanese elegant style. Like friends can come together to study, don't forget to do homework.

First look at the effect and original image:

The following is a detailed tutorial "

The first step: use Photoshop to open the original image, copy a layer for layer 1, in order to increase the sensitivity of the picture contrast, the implementation of graphics-adjustment-color, and then slightly lower the output color, the effect is as follows:

The second step: to establish a curve adjustment layer, to the overall brightness of the characters, parameters such as the figure:

PS: This step requires a black brush with an opacity of 70%-80% to wipe the upper part of the sky on the layer mask, wiping out the other background parts by lowering the brush around 20% opacity

(You can see the final layer screenshot):


The third step: the stamping layer to get Layer 2, set up an optional color adjustment layer, parameters such as figure:

PS: Use a black brush to wipe the body on top of the layer mask.


Fourth step: To establish the optional color adjustment layer again, parameters such as figure:

Just like the top, remember to wipe the characters out. This opacity is lower, take a look at the best layer screenshot


Fifth step: Set up channel mixer adjustment layer, three channels are adjusted respectively, the parameters are as follows:

PS: Remember to wipe out the figures on the level board, opacity in about 50-60


Sixth step: Seal layer to get Layer 3, set up hue saturation adjustment layer, parameters such as figure:


Finally stamped layer to get Layer 4, get the final effect of the picture, if you like the dark corner of the photo add a dark angle on it.

Finally, the layer screenshot is sent to you.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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