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This tutorial is to share with my friends the ps simple production of beautiful rotating luminous tennis method, the tutorial produced tennis is very beautiful, not very difficult, recommended to the home of the feet, if you like it, come and learn it. this tutorial is a simple and beautiful method of rotating and shining tennis with ps. it is very basic and suitable for beginners. come and learn it together!


1. in the PS software, create a 3500*2500 document, fill the background color with black, and then open a tennis picture,

2. press ctrl + J to copy a tennis picture and hide the copy of the tennis layer first,

3. Press ctrl to click the tennis layer to generate a selection area and fill it in white,

4. select the tennis layer and add radial blur to the filter,

5. select a tennis layer and add a rotation twist to the filter,

6. press ctrl + J to copy the tennis layer and press ctrl + E to merge all layers,

7. Next, double-click the layer of the tennis ball to add a layer style and adjust the light,

8. create a pattern adjustment layer and change the blending mode of the pattern adjustment layer to bright,

9. open the copy of the tennis layer and change the mixed mode of the tennis layer copy to linear light.

The above is an introduction to ps simple production of beautiful rotating tennis method. The operation is very simple. have you learned it? I hope this article will help you!

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