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PS Study Notes (09)
"2" Mosaic background find a picture. Then create a new layer,Restore the foreground background color to the default state (black, white) fill the new layer with black--"filter--" render-"cloud pixel--" mosaic (value can be desired) filter-sharpening-further sharpening. Then adjust the opacity and fill.

"1" Silver is an approximate silver color, not a monochrome, but a gradual gray. "2" One is the silver is not a single color, so the so-called metal texture is reflected by a number of gradients, the second we get actually silver is gray, to get Silver is the bar graph into gray.
"3" We need to adjust to what color we need to understand what this color is. So what is gold? What color it contains, which we must know.
"4" first to draw their own pre-line draft, as far as possible to draw out the necessary details, so impressive.
"5" The specific color grading steps are as follows:

1, do not use the color command

de-color and conversion to grayscale arePhotoshopThe most basic of the image processing as black and white commands, using the simplest algorithm to discard the color information in the picture, does not reflect the power of Photoshop at all.

The key is to have a pair of their own image has a sense of the eye to do, rather than I give everyone's parameters, parameters are just floating clouds, the change is not applicable to the picture.

"1" the so-called graphic design, the reality is the plane visual communication design, it is the designer with the help of a certain tool material, will be expressed in the design of the image of the village from the primary and secondary, contrast. Coordination and unification. Symmetric. Rhythm and other aesthetic laws. The use of agglomeration, deletion, segmentation, change, or expansion, reduce deformation and other means in. Three-dimensional, sporty feeling.
"2" Graphic design process and color matching.
Boolean operation for "3" PS. is to select the mode, then to draw shape graphics.
"4" ellipse tool, draw a circle. Then use the direct selection tool to select the anchor point. Right-click the free transform point. You can scale it.
Saturation: How much is the percentage of the table color gray. is also the color of vivid degree. Each hue has a different saturation level. Contrast, including, hue contrast, luminance contrast, area. Warm and cold contrast

Light source color: Refers to the color of the light emitted by the light body. For example, light colors such as sunlight, moonlight, flares, and various artificial lights. The difference of light source color can cause the change of the natural color of the object. The same object will present different colors under different light sources: white white under white, red under red light, white paper green under green illumination. Therefore, the changes in the spectral composition of the light source will have an effect on the color of the object.
Ambient color: Refers to the light color reflected by an object's surrounding object, which also causes the natural color of the object to change. For example, when a red cloth is placed near the backlight of a white porcelain cup, the white porcelain cup is close to one side of the cloth and will accept a reddish-gray tendency to reflect the cloth. If you replace the red cloth with a green one, this side of the white porcelain cup turns green and gray.
Natural color: Refers to the color impression (concept) that an object gives to a person under normal circumstances. The popular emphasis is the color effect that the object presents in the white Sun, which is called the "natural Color" of the object. For example, red flags, green grass, Chinese color is yellow, Western skin is white, and so on.

It should be noted that solid color should be referred to as "the physical properties inherent in the object" in the normal light produced by the color. In the use of the term "natural color", it is necessary to remind that the color of an object is fixed, which is the "inherent color concept" that must be overcome when studying the relationship between light color and the actual use of color. In addition, the natural color of the object is actually affected by the color of the light source, the environment color changes. The relationship between the natural color of the object and the light source color and environment color is very important to the formation and change of the color relation of the object. In different parts of the object, the relationship between the three is not the same.

The degree of interaction between the natural color and the light source color and ambient color has a great relationship with the texture of the object.
Rough objects, such as woolen, coarse cloth, pottery and other things, not easily affected by the light source color and environmental color, solid color is more significant.
Smooth objects, such as metal, glass, water droplets, porcelain, satin and other things, susceptible to light source color and environmental color effects, solid color is less significant.
Make clear the light source color, environment color, natural color three in different texture objects on the relationship, to the Web page texture expression, Web page color has a great help. The relationship between the natural color of the object and the color of the light source and environment is also related to the angle and strength of the light projection. In indirect light (such as indoors), solid color is more significant. In direct light, the stronger the light (or colored light), the weaker the solid color. For example, the natural color of the same object in cloudy days is more significant, the natural color in the sun is obviously weakened.
Speaking of the relationship between the three, it is worth noting that beginners are often susceptible to the inherent color of the concept of the binding, do not know the natural color by the light source and environmental color of the impact of change, not accustomed to the natural color, light source color, environmental color of the three linked to the overall observation, analysis and performance. This requires things to be careful of overcoming. However, we can not pay attention to the influence of light source color and environment color on the natural color of the object, and completely ignore the natural color. For example, a white porcelain cup under the influence of light source color and environmental color, color can become very rich, but give us the feeling is always a cup. If only attention to change, too much emphasis, the white cup painted a flower cup, it is also wrong (only in the very strong colored light, it is difficult to see this is a white cup).

PS Study notes (05)

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