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This review was completed in early July, when on the one hand, my "ads also love to see!" small number of Tencent produced 10 of the best HTML 5 ads unexpectedly in the industry hot, on the one hand, the industry rumors that the general public comment on HTML 5 of the agent company no longer produce HTML 5 ads, it will be really a bit complicated mood, And then take their own scanty, wrote this article the main feelings of sharing. However, fortunately is a false alarm, the public comment on the interpretation of HTML 5 ads continue to carry on, and more than 8 feelings of the ~

And I do not intend to make special changes to the original, it is a respect for their own mood! Let's take a look at the original.

I am glad that some of my attitude to this industry can be recognized by many people, I am a designer on the road, but also a favorite to share the disseminator ...

I hesitate repeatedly still think should move out this set of the public comment of the HTML 5 advertising cases with you to share, this is not on the article "advertising also love to see!" The copy of the situation of the 10 best HTML 5 ads produced by Tencent, but indeed experience!

The HTML 5 produced by internet companies will experience a very different face from an interactive advertising company. Focus on their understanding of culture and judgment, so I quote the word feelings, I believe that after reading this set of works and then compare my previous share of the Tencent case, you will feel greatly different ~

I hope to be able to learn more about HTML 5 ads to provide you with enough helpful information, I will continue to work hard!

(Friendship tip: All cases are recommended to match music appreciation)

  1. "Choose it!" Life "" Micro-letter Film publicity push advertising

(Online time: 2014.11)

Frankly speaking, I wasn't the first to see this ad, but through search to find, compared to the 2014 when a large number of simple interactive primary HTML 5 ads, its screen execution is excellent and novel, coupled with the reference to so many high heat symbol elements, is to the public comments on the micro-letter marketing opened a personality of a good head ...

  2. "Nine Steps away" micro-letter film propaganda push advertising

(Online time: 2014.12)

The first time I opened this ad, the only reaction was the bunker!

Designers who see this kind of work in micro-communication should be happy, this kind of screen implementation is unique, the details of the shortlisted HTML 5 ads not only on the subject of the director's character, but also in the price and similar ads opened the distance, I am playing is the human heap is not the same!

Compared to the "Choose it! Life", the overall picture in the visual ascension is no longer so crowded and messy, after comparison will find that too many details of the screen may make users feel tired ...

  3. "Comment on what Eichang" "micro-letter Film publicity push advertising

(Online time: 2015.1)

Perhaps the public comments in 2014 has not been fun, at the beginning of the year came a more fierce!

This is also I saw the first public comment on the HTML 5 ads, can not help but Marvel, this picture of the surreal style is too fierce! What do we do? Is that a GIF or something?

Later learned that the way to achieve this kind of animation is called the sequence needle, will render good animation to save a picture, and then at a certain time interval to play, such as 80 microseconds, or 60 subtle ... Unlike GIF animation, the sequence of true animation has a better color restore, and can be interactive animation control ...

The above three HTML 5, the focus is on the implementation of the screen, for interaction and content recognition of the show is not like the picture so popular ... In particular, this HTML 5 operating interface is difficult to distinguish, and the text content is easy to ignore ... It seems more appropriate to use the best animated posters to describe the HTML 5 ads that the public reviews during this period.

  4. "Between us on one word" micro-letter activities Push Advertising

(Online time: 2015.1)

And when the "Between us on a word" on-line, unexpectedly caused a field industry accident, resulting in a topic marketing!

A violation of a large number of visual laws, the screen is not full, content is too pocket, brand attributes do not highlight the HTML 5 ads, incredibly also affect the feelings of so many people, attracted so high appreciation, bring unlimited spread ...? Why?

Although, the sequence of animation technology has long been HTML5 by the third party platform to conquer, users can also generate 1:1 copies of the original, but, you will never copy the experience between the fingers, never copied so many people racked their brains to pursue the ultimate state of mind.

This HTML 5 can be said to be the HTML 5 ads in the early days we think of an alien, or a casual coincidence, then what is the coincidence that?

When most people are still thinking about how to copy a poster to an HTML 5 page, some people realize that the essence of the HTML 5 page is not to copy the old form, but to synthesize all the known design forms of digital fusion, or a hypermedia design, with the proper integration of humanities, sound, graphic design, and animation design, This HTML 50% is the most mature hypermedia ad for that time, its power and weight is almost not a magnitude compared to the above three cases ...

The pleasure he brings to you is not to say, the picture is good, the music is beautiful ... But each link brings the comprehensive feeling, this should be the HTML 5 advertisement diligently direction, utilizes the technology to synthesize the sensory.

  5. "Dad, I miss you" micro-letter Film publicity push advertising

(Online time: 2015.3)

In order to publicize the film "Lost Lonely", the public comments in March on the line of the HTML 5 ads, ask how many good ideas died in the father and son love this node, then in addition to the father to buy things, send love ... What more can we play?

Look at this ad ~ There is no sense of the zodiac is a person in the heart of all, everyone wrote the creative point that? and this HTML 5 will give users a lightweight personalized feeling, simple three pages to complete the table, more convenient for dissemination and promotion.

However, comrades think carefully will find that in order to complete this custom-like simple effect, the creative team is actually paid more than the regular HTML 5 ads more than a few times the energy, designed 24 animation image and supporting copy ...

So, "lost lonely" did not see that it does not matter, missed the HTML 5 is a pity ~

  6. "Opportunity you do not try will never bright" micro-letter activities Push ads

(Online time: 2015.4)

This is a very creative fast-food HTML 5 advertising ~!

Perhaps because the product itself is easy to tune, perhaps because the public comments want to try something new ...

In the visual from flat animation to parody animation is very useful, anyway this HTML 5 is very fun ~ everybody kiss, come and try!

  7. "If I don't eat you" micro-credit activities push ads

(Online time: 2015.5)

Adam, Eve, Satan! and the "God" who holds the chopsticks!

This creative point from the source of the food we can imagine to do scrutiny, using the expression of comics to the unbridled emphasis on eating this thing ... Well, my words are poor ... No nonsense, look at the works ~

  8. "This strange call you dare to answer?" "Micro-letter film Push advertising

(Online time: 2015.5)

Presumably a lot of people have seen this kind of HTML 5, but this is the original!

Later, the relevant HTML 5 is his derivative, or to use the way to pay tribute to the original, including the recent brush out of the friends of the Tencent video "who is this phone?" "The Time Sisters flower of the small age 4, invite you to tear force!" "These two HTML 5 ads, if using Taoist classics to describe this HTML 5 ads , it seems to have reached the "life two, two born three, Sansheng all things" state ...

Virtually in the industry led a large category, the production of a type of world!

And from "A strange phone you dare to answer it?" "to The Times Sisters Flower, invite you to tear force!" "If this reasoning is assumed to be correct, then it is difficult to see the embryonic form of the original, because the Internet is fast and convenient so that we only know how to do the wisdom of addition?" or is it because we lack the awareness of the idea itself, Eager to repeat the process from 1 to n? The Avengers-triggered little era has completely left you without the look of the initiator, even if you think the latter is better, ignoring the arduous journey from 0 to 1.

This HTML 5 comes online and results in two big effects:

Many people have realized that the original mobile phone interface is so creative space can be dug

Leads to a whole host of imitators, including some big, well-known companies ...

Public comment on the HTML 5 from an industry to the young people began to pay tribute to the predecessors, the process of transformation in only half a year, no wonder there are so many people worry that HTML 5 will be a short-lived good thing that ...

  The public comments on the HTML 5 far more than these 8, why do they say things alone?

That's because these 8 HTML 5 are from a single agency, and it's possible that this type of HTML 5 ad for the public comment will rest on the 8 number ...

From the "Choose it!" Life "" to "this strange call you dare to answer?" "is like a journey, whether it is to tease the picture style, or thoughtful of that sentence copy, you can feel the public comments to bring you the special feelings, my wisdom can not let oneself really understand these works, but, I still want to try to read them, and then share with more people!

HTML 5 Although it is only a technical method, but he let us free in the industrial city of modern people a way to express feelings, whenever the mood is depressed, I will point to open "between us on a word" perhaps, is to find some kind of forward power! The rise of this industry has brought more possibilities to people with dreams, Also let the rigid technology has a special feeling ~ I will continue to share more content for you, let us work together for the industry!

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