Python Business card Management

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Python Business card management is the code that I knock on the video, and subsequent learning will continue to update


ImportCard_tools#infinite loops, determined by the user when to exit whileTrue:#menu for displaying featuresCard_tools.show_menu (); Action_str= Input ("Select the action you want to perform:")    Print("The action you selected is [%s]"%action_str)#the operation of a business card    ifAction_strinch["1","2","3"]:        #New Business Card        ifAction_str = ="1": Card_tools.new_card (); #Show All        elifAction_str = ="2": Card_tools.show_all (); #Query Business Cards        elifAction_str = ="3": Card_tools.search_car (); #Pass    #0 means exiting the system    elifAction_str = ="0":        """if in the development of the program, do not want to immediately compile the branch of the code, you can use the PASS keyword to represent a placeholder, to ensure that the program code correctness program run, the PASS keyword will not do any action"""        Print("Welcome to use the card management system again .")         Break        #Pass    #other content input error, prompt user    Else:        Print("you entered the incorrect, please re-select")

#record all business card informationCard_list = []defShow_menu ():"""Show Menu"""    Print("*"* 50)    Print("Welcome to "business Card management System" V 1.0")    Print("")    Print("1. New Business Card")    Print("2. Show All")    Print("3. Search for Business cards")    Print("")    Print("0. Exit the system")    Print("*"* 50)defNew_card ():"""New Business Card"""    Print("-"* 50)    Print("New Business Card")    #1 prompting the user to enter business card informationName = input ("Please enter your name:") Phone= Input ("Please enter the phone number:") QQ= Input ("Please enter QQ:") Email= Input ("Please enter email:")    #2 Create a business card with the user's input informationCard_dict = {        "name": Name,"Phone": Phone,"QQ": QQ,"Email": Email}#3 Add a business card to the dictionarycard_list.append (card_dict)Print(card_list)#4 Prompt user to add success    Print("added%s's Business card successfully! "%name)defShow_all ():"""Show all Business cards"""    Print("-"* 50)    Print("Show all Business cards")    #determine if there is a card record, if not, prompt the user and return    ifLen (card_list) = =0:Print("There are currently no business card records, please use the new features to talk about the price business card! ")        #The following code will no longer execute        return    #To print a table header     forNameinch["name","Telephone","QQ","Email"]:        Print(Name, end="\t\t")    Print("")    Print("-"* 50)    #Print Split Line    #traverse the list of business cards, output dictionary information sequentially     forCard_dictinchcard_list:Print("%s\t\t%s\t\t%s\t\t%s"% (card_dict["name"], card_dict["Phone"], card_dict["QQ"], card_dict["Email"]))defSearch_car ():"""Search Business Cards"""    Print("-"* 50)    Print("Search Business Cards")    #prompts the user to search for the nameFind_name = input ("Please enter the name you want to search:")    #Traverse business Card list, query the business card to search, if not found, need to prompt the user     forCard_dictinchcard_list:ifcard_dict["name"] ==Find_name:Print("name \t\t phone \t\tqq\t\t Email")            Print("="* 50)            Print("%s\t\t%s\t\t%s\t\t%s"% (card_dict["name"], card_dict["Phone"], card_dict["QQ"], card_dict["Email"]))            #TODO perform modify and delete operations on found business card recordsDeal_card (card_dict) Break    Else:        Print("Sorry,%s not found"%find_name)defDeal_card (find_dict):"""functions for handling business cards"""    Print(find_dict) action_str= Input ("Please select action to perform 1 modify 2 Delete 0 return")    ifAction_str = ="1": find_dict["name"] = Input_card_info (find_dict["name"],"name") find_dict["Phone"] = Input_card_info (find_dict["Phone"],"Tel:") find_dict["QQ"] = Input_card_info (find_dict["QQ"],"QQ:") find_dict["Email"] = Input_card_info (find_dict["Email"],"Email:")        Print("Modify a business card")    elifAction_str = ="2": Card_list.remove (find_dict)Print("Delete a business card")defInput_card_info (dict_value,tip_message):#1. Prompt user inputResult_str=input (tip_message)#2, for user input to judge, if the user entered the content, directly return the results    ifLen (RESULT_STR) >0:returnResult_str#3, if the user does not enter the content, return the original value in the dictionary    Else:        returnDict_value

Python Business card Management

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