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I changed my company and didn't expect to do the QT work. At that time, we had to re-compile the QTE. This compilation has been done, but now it still takes a lot of effort. The main reason is that the compilation result is unstable. The same configuration can be used sometimes, but sometimes it cannot. Now I will talk about the following problems:

1. Compiler

I didn't know much about cross-compiler before. Now I know that the compiler is related to a specific CPU model. The same arm cross-compiler, but the CPU kernel is different, and the compiler is different. I have installed dingshang arm-VFP-Linux-GNU-GCC and Zhou licong's arm-VFP-Linux-GNU-GCC. The final test results show that, zhou licong's cross compiler can make compilation pass. The reason is that some header files do not exist in the ding-edge compiler.

2. tslib1.4

This stuff also leaves a deep memory for me. Sometimes can be compiled through, sometimes not, but finally compile qt-embedded-linux-opensource-src-4.5. * When tar.gz is used, tslib function test failed is always prompted. of course, I have done the same on the Internet to specify the compiled header file and library file, but it does not work. I initially did not compile tslib because of the compiler. However, it's okay to hear the prawns say that the Linux kernel will handle the pull of the screen by itself, so you can skip this item.

3. Source Code of QTE

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