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In the ** world, how can you answer a technical question? It depends on the difficulty of digging out the answer, and also on the method of your question. This guide aims to help you improve your questioning skills and obtain the answer you want most ......

They don't want to hide their contempt for such people-they don't want to think, or they don't want to finish what they should do before asking questions. Such a person will only kill time-they just want to ask, never pay, and waste our time without reason, however, we could have used time on people who are more interesting or worth answering. We call this artificial "loser" (for historical reasons, we sometimes make it "lusers ").

Before asking questions (before you ask)

Before asking technical questions via email, newsgroup, or chat room, check whether you have done the following:
1. Read the answer by yourself.
2. Find the answer in the FAQ (a well-maintained FAQ can be all-encompassing :).
3. search online (Google is recommended for personal use ~~~).
4. Ask your friends here.

When you ask a question, first you need to explain what you did before that. This will help you build your image: you are not a beggar who is willing to waste others' time. We are more willing to answer his questions, assuming that the questioner can learn from the answer.

Think carefully and prepare your questions. You can only get a hasty answer to your questions, or you cannot get any answers at all. The more you try to solve this problem before asking for help, the more substantial the help you get.

Be careful not to ask the wrong question.

On the other hand, it is a good start to show what you are willing to do in the process of finding the answer. "Who can give me some tips ?" "What is missing in my example ?" And "Where should I check ?" It is easier to get a response than "post the exact process. As you seem to have only the right direction, you have the ability and determination to complete it.

When you ask)

Exercise caution when selecting forums

Select the case where you want to ask questions. As described below, you are likely to be ignored or considered a failure:
1. Post your problem on the forum where Feng Ma Niu is not compatible
2. Post a very basic issue on the forum discussing advanced skills; and vice versa
3. Cross-posting in too many different newsgroups

The words are correct, the syntax is correct, and the spelling is correct.

From our experience, we found that careless writers are usually careless thinkers (I dare to make a ticket ).

It is not worthwhile to answer questions from careless people. We would rather spend time elsewhere.

Correct spelling, punctuation, and upper and lower case are very important.

More generally, if your questions are written as semi-illiterate, you are very likely to be ignored.

Suppose that you are asking questions in a non-native forum, and you can make minor spelling and syntactic mistakes-but you must never be careless in thinking (yes, we can clarify the differences between the two)

Uses rich meanings to describe accurate titles

In the email list or newsgroup, subject titles of less than 50 words are the prime time to capture the attention of senior experts. Don't use the chatbots to help you (not to mention "Help !!!!!" In this way, this opportunity will be wasted. Do not try to impress us with your level of pain, or replace the Problem description with spaces, even if it is an extremely brief description.

Stupid question:

Help! My laptop cannot be displayed normally!

Smart question:

Xfree86 4.1 mouse and cursor deformation, fooware mv1005 display chip.

If you ask a question in the reply, remember to change the content title to indicate that there is a problem in it. A problem that looks like "re: retrying" or "re: new bug" is very difficult to attract enough attention. In addition, you can reference and delete the previous content to give new readers clues.

Precise description, large amount of information

1. Describe the symptoms with caution.
2. Provide the environment where the problem occurs (machine configuration, operating system, application, and anything else ).
3. Explain how you studied and understood this question before asking questions.
4. Explain the steps you took before asking a question to solve it.
5. List recent hardware and software changes that may affect your performance.

Simon Tatham wrote an excellent short article titled how to effectively report bugs. We strongly recommend that you also read it.

Not many words

You must provide accurate and effective information. This does not require you to simply extract a ton of error code or data into your question. If you have a large and complex trial condition, try to crop it as small as possible.

This can be used at least three points. First, it shows that you have made efforts to simplify your questions, which can lead you to an opportunity to answer. Second, You can simplify your questions so that you can get practical answers. Third, when refining your bug report, you may be able to locate the problem or correct it yourself.

Stupid question:

I encountered the sig11 error again during kernel compilation. I suspect that a certain flying line was built online on the main board,

In this case, how should we check the best?

Smart question:

A self-made K6/233 system with a motherboard of 256 MB, FIC-PA2007
Corsair pc1_sdram, which frequently produces sig11 errors during kernel compilation. This problem occurs 20 minutes after the kernel is started. It never occurred 20 minutes before the kernel is started. Restarting is not practical, but it can work for another 20 minutes after being shut down for one night. All the memory has been changed, so it does not work. Typical compilation records of related parts are as follows ....

List symptoms in chronological order

The most helpful clue for identifying a problem is often a series of operations before the problem occurs. Therefore, your instructions should include the operation steps and computer reactions until the problem occurs.

If your description is very long (more than four paragraphs), it will be helpful to briefly explain the problem at the beginning. Next we will detail it in chronological order. This will let people know what to look for in your instructions.

Understand what you want to ask

A time-consuming black hole is almost endless. The people who can give you the most practical answers are also the busiest people (they are busy because they have to finish most of their work in person ). Such people do not catch a cold black hole when they are not restrained, so they can also say that they are not catching a cold when asking questions without any limitations. If you understand what the respondent needs to do (provide suggestions, send a piece of code, check your patch or something else), you are most likely to get a practical answer. This sets an upper limit on time and energy, so that the respondents can concentrate on helping you. This is very helpful.

The less time it takes to solve your problem, the more you can get answers from busy experts. Therefore, it is helpful to optimize the problem structure and minimize the time required by experts to solve it-which is usually different from simplifying the problem. Therefore, I want to better understand X. Can you give me some tips ?" Generally, it is better than asking "can you explain X ?" Better. If your code cannot work, it is more wise to ask where it is incorrect than asking someone to change it for you.

Do not ask questions that should be solved by yourself

You have to solve these problems, and you will learn from them. You can ask for a prompt, but don't ask for a complete solution.

Remove meaningless questions

Do not end the question with meaningless words, for example, "Can someone help me ?" Or "do you have an answer ?".

First, let's assume that your description of the problem is not very appropriate. Second, because the question is superfluous, others will get bored with you-and generally use logical and correct answers to express their contempt, for example: "Yes, someone can help you "or" no, no answer ".

Humble has no harm and is always helpful

Polite, use "please" and "thank you first ". Let everyone know that you are grateful for the time and obligation they have spent to help.

However, if you have many problems that cannot be solved, courtesy will give you the opportunity to get practical answers.

After the problem is solved, add a brief description

After the problem is solved, I will send a description to all those who have helped you to let them know how the problem was solved, and I would like to express my gratitude to them again. If the problem has aroused widespread attention in the news group or email list, a supplementary explanation should be posted there. The additional instructions do not need to be very long or very in-depth; a simple sentence "hello, it turns out that the network cable has a problem! Thank you, Bill. In fact, unless the conclusion is really very technical, it is better to have a brief and lovely summary than a long academic paper. Explain how the problem is solved, but it is not necessary to repeat the process of solving the problem.

In addition to courtesy and feedback, this supplement helps others search for a complete solution that has helped you in the email list, newsgroups, and forums, which may be very practical for them.

Last (at least ?), Such a supplement will help all people who have provided help to feel satisfied. This feeling is very important for mentors or experts who ask for help. Long delays may lead to frustration. Good people have good news to satisfy their desires, and you will taste the sweetness of posting new questions next time.

Question art (Chinese Version)

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