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You don't know about S4.

1. screenshot: S4 has three screenshot methods:
Generally, you can press and hold the Home Key and power key at the same time for about 2 seconds.
The second method is to enable gesture sensing, set → my device → action and gesture → palm action → capture the screen. Move the palm vertical screen from left to right or from right to left and wave it like a scan. After the screen is white, it indicates success. Insensitive !!!
The third option is set-My device-auxiliary function, which contains an assistant menu. When you open the assistant menu, a white box is displayed on the screen. You can click the screenshot option.

2. Task Management: 360 is still in use. I am useless anyway. The method is to press the Home Key to clear the memory on the left and close the program on the right. You can close a program, you can also close multiple programs to meet your mobile accelerator needs.

3. ear plug-in: ear plug-in. The +/-key is used to adjust the volume. What should I do? Don't worry. Press (double-click) the audio key and press the audio key for the next song, the last song solved the problem.

4. Answer the phone by car: You don't need to pick up your phone, and shake your hand around your phone. The phone will answer the phone and turn on the hands-free mode.

5. When answering the call, the phone number reported by the other Party also needs to find paper and pen. You can only say that you do not understand S4: when answering the call, press the menu key to bring up the "Memorandum".

6. Crash: If a crash occurs, press the power button to unmount the board.

7. Shortcut buttons: Generally, the single-finger auto-screen is pulled from the top down. Try double-finger to execute this action. Can you see more shortcuts at a time?

8. Do I have to perform function operations in settings? You only need to press the shortcut button to directly enter the corresponding settings.

9. Find the program and you will find that the program does not come with it. In fact, in the small component, "auxiliary light" is actually a flashlight. Drag it to the desktop and you will be able to start it later.

10. If you do not want to activate the mobile phone, how can you view the time and power information but do not want to enable the mobile phone? Hover your palm across the top of your phone.

11. Call the advanced calculator: vertical screen, simple calculator, and horizontal screen. You can call the function calculator.

12. quickly delete a program: is it complicated to delete the program? In the application interface, pressing the menu key to call up and unmount is much faster than the previous method.

13. Hide Programs: how to hide programs that do not want others to know? On the application interface, press the menu key to bring up "Hide application", and the program will not be visible. If you want to display the program, run the program again.

14. filter spam messages: In the text message, click "Block Settings" on the menu bar and the next text message sent by this number will not be displayed in the text message.

15. Camera zoom: when taking a photo or taking a video, press the volume key (but Samsung's Zoom is really not good, and it is not smooth)

16. Quick call-up search: Long press the menu key. If the Baidu browser is not installed, Google search is called. On the contrary, duniang serves you.

17. How to use the remote control function: S4 comes with an infrared transmitter, which is not used by many people. Such a good function is a waste of S4. Two methods of use: Bring your own software: watchon, select your TV brand, you can achieve it through smart code; third-party software: currently tested, the best software is "Remote Control Genie ", this makes up for the deficiency of the brand/model of domestic TV with built-in software. It supports most imported domestic TVs, and also supports remote control air conditioners, electric fans, and set-top boxes.

18. Samsung smart integration: seamless connection with your TV. Of course, if you buy a Samsung TV, you will have a better experience, samsung link can be used to transmit photos, music, videos, and movies on mobile phones to Samsung TV for one second. The HD movies tested at P have no latency or lag,

19. Interaction with multiple mobile phones: This is actually a very interesting feature. If a friend is also a Samsung mobile phone, he can use the group play software to interact with two mobile phones on the same WiFi and edit pictures together, play a sound or PK game with the same song.

20. The mobile phone becomes a somatosensory game handle: Nintendo Wii, the price is more than 1000, But if you buy a Samsung TV, and install "add and remote control" on the mobile phone (third-party software specified by Samsung), the mobile phone becomes a somatosensory game handle, and the mobile phone instantly becomes a badminton racket and a baseball bat.

21. Enable USB: if you do not enable the USB debugging mode, the mobile phone cannot be identified by the pods and 360 Mobile Phone applications. This is the least humane part of the Android 4.2 system. Of course, Android has never done anything, use the following steps to solve the problem: set-more-about devices-crazy point internal version number-back to open (developer options)-USB debugging hook, in addition, you also need to set-more-security-unknown sources are also checked

22. Quick operation after the headset is inserted: insert the headset. The most important thing to do is to listen to songs and watch movies. If you find the relevant program quickly, drag your finger from the top of the screen and bring up the notification bar, you will find that there is one more line in the notification bar, which is related to audio and video programs.


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