"Embedded Development Board" August Ultimate Summer promotion for CORTEX-A9 Four core primer Development Board

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Core board parameters




In conjunction with Connectors 0.26cm


Exynos4412, quad-core cortex-a9 with a frequency of 1.4ghz-1.6ghz


1GB Dual channel DDR3 (2GB optional)


4GB EMMC (16GB optional)

Power Management

Low power dynamic Samsung s5m8767 Power management, optimal architecture!

Operating voltage

2.65V--5.5V (4.0V recommended)

System support

Linux-qt/android4.2/ubuntu Operating System


Onboard USB3503 with high performance hsic for 2-way USB host output

Lead angle Extension

Up to 320 pins to meet the needs of various types of user expansion

Operating temperature

-25 degrees to +80 degrees, the equipment is working properly and running well!

Backplane parameters




Power connector


1 Reset Keys


DC power Input interface, 5V/2A power input

TF Card

1 standard TF Card interface

USB Host

2-Way USB Host with USB2.0 protocol support


1-Way USB OTG 2.0

Ethernet port

10m/100m Adaptive Network Port


Headphone output Support


Mic Input Support


2-Way Serial port



User Key

5 function keys


1 x


20PIN (Power and ground)

Camera interface

1 (Can support 2 million and 5 million cameras)

WiFi interface

1 x

HDMI interface

Standard HDMI v1.4,1080p HD resolution output

LCD interface

Total 3, 2 LVDS interface, 1 RGB interface

LCD POWER switch

1 x

Mipi interface

1 x

Real Time Clock

Internal real-time clock, with backup lithium battery holder, system time is not lost after power failure


1 x Buzzer

Jtag interface

1 x

Serial, matrix keyboard, GPS interface

1 x

CD-ROM Information

Users buy the development Board at the same time, Xun for the electronic will be attached to a CD, such as the CD-ROM directory as follows.

Android source code (including the underlying kernel and uboot source)-------

Datasheet--------Development Board chip manuals

Image--------compiled to directly download images that are burned to run on the Development Board

Linux---------qt System source code, including QT and underlying Linux

Tool-chains---------compiler gcc toolchain, tools for compiling source code

Tool---------compile and burn-write tools

Ubuntu---------Ubuntu System (including the underlying kernel as well as the uboot image) where Linux

The source code and the Android system under the Linux source code is the same

Usb_driver---------The driver under Windows XP32 bit or win7 64-bit, implementing the board through OTG

The interface is connected with the Windows system, which realizes the functions of system burn-write or ADB.

Usb_fastboot_tool-----Tools for burning with USB OTG, refer to the user manual

Manuals------------User's basic manual reference

Schematic------------Development Board schematic and PCB

NET disk information
The link of the network disk can be downloaded in the QQ group after the purchase of the Development Board. If the link is updated, it is

Posted in Group Notice:

EXYNOS4412 Samsung Original Information

iTOP-4412 Development Board to build the required toolkit and patch pack for the build environment

iTOP-4412 Development Board Source code (other)

ITOP-4412 Development Board related documents (supplemental)

iTOP-4412 Development Board Video tutorial and its related

Embedded learning recommended books and Software (third party)

"Embedded Development Board" August Ultimate Summer promotion for CORTEX-A9 Four core primer Development Board

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