"Reprint" C Embedded software coding error Crawl list

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Rank Description:

    • This ranking is for the statistics of n-th results
    • The ranking of the daytime products for c written embedded software

Nineth Place: Coding Specification Class

    • Inconsistent naming of variables
    • Operators and expressions are difficult to understand
    • Excessive use of coding techniques reduces readability
    • Direct use of numeric constants rather than macro definitions
    • Inconsistent writing, etc.

Eighth place: interface class

    • Inconsistent function parameter type or number
    • Constants or macros between modules are repeatedly defined and inconsistent
    • header file and library inconsistencies, different versions

Seventh place: Parametric variable class

    • Using uninitialized variables
    • No reset before re-use
    • Inappropriate variable type definition
    • Incomplete initialization
    • Variable Rename

Sixth place: function class

    • Feature Branching not complete
    • Missing some operations or data
    • Incorrect diagnosis of information
    • Lack of debugging and testing capabilities
    • Fault no detection and self-healing function

Fifth place: Resource conflict classes

    • Resources are not protected
    • Improper resource Protection
    • Loss of public resources

Fourth place: low-efficiency tedious class

    • Inefficient algorithm
    • Same block of code repeated multiple times
    • To copy data between blocks in a small step for loop
    • Redundant statements
    • Available Switch/case but with If...if...if statement

Third place: Control Flow class

    • Condition control not complete
    • The starting and ending points of the loop are incorrect
    • Incorrect function call
    • Jump and return not in time
    • Matching operation does not match use

Second place: Exception protection class

    • Omission of necessary protection
    • Protection is not tight enough
    • Unreliable protection handling
    • Assertion Error

First place: Memory usage class

    • Memory leaks
    • Using illegal memory
    • Memory out of Bounds
    • Stack Overflow

"Reprint" C Embedded software coding error Crawl list

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