"Reprint" Entrepreneur, why are you in such a hurry?

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Entrepreneur, why are you in such a hurry?


Bear as a business in Silicon Valley, the cock Silk, said this article gave him a great relief and inspiration, easing his impetuous mentality. "I decided to translate this article," he said on the phone. So I decided to take the good, the first translation. This translation strictly does not follow the letter Tatsu elegance, and is full of face sister style, welcome criticism.

Why are you nen worried?

As far as I can see, in the young entrepreneurs around us – whether technology or non-technical – there is a big part of the problem: they are really worried.

What's a rush? Urgent to make a product, eager to send the product to the TechCrunch, anxious to let it viral spread, financing, and then hurry to let the product in the first year to 1 million users, in the second year can sell a good price of 1 billion dollars, so that ya can be successful in the rush to retire to the beach before the age of 25 years ( and the girls).

They have 10,000 reasons to be anxious:

"The market for this thing is super big!" I see this requirement first, so be sure to take it before the competitor moves! Become the first person in the field! ”

"If I'm not successful when I graduate, I'm going to get a job (like loser)" (forced). So must be urgent, such as royal order, hurriedly entrepreneurial success! ”

"(I am a person responsible for myself,) I have to prove to myself that entrepreneurship is feasible, so I give myself 6 months to test." If entrepreneurship is unsuccessful, it will become the benevolence of the financial community. ”

"Now investors to this piece of super optimistic, must take hold of the climate yo!" ”

"I don't want to wait until after graduation to move back and live with my parents!" So now I must raise money! Otherwise you must rely on this product to earn a! What if I can't do both?? I'll have to find a job for the money until June, when the season comes to grief.

The above ideas and the following ideas are unfortunate to be biased: In any case can act quickly, never neglect the opportunity of self-promotion, not for the illusion of easy clearance to loosen themselves. And a true entrepreneur, only if he can mindedness--from the beginning even if 0 experience, slag skills, excrement equipment-full of faith, since chicken blood, 100% for their own ideas in full devotion, can realize the success as an entrepreneur.

Quick action may make you feel good and efficient, but listen to me: Often when you think you're fast, you're actually getting slow. For Mao? Let me give you a chestnut.

A few weeks ago I had a chat with a little guy. The man wanted to create an online agency to teach people programming. He believes that the University of the present programming class is either impractical, or difficult to learn, or expensive, so he felt now open a company to build a Web site to teach young people to write code what the most love is the most business opportunities ah. I want to say that a lot of companies are already doing this, but he has set up a special international market for his website, so I think you are right.

What's the real problem with this guy? He is an MBA student who has no technical background and is currently looking for someone to write code to build his "teach someone to write code" website. This fact makes me feel a bit strange, but not so weird, so I asked him: "You are not a program ape, but you want to build a website to help others become a program ape, do you think this actually gives you a first to learn to program, then use their learning experience to start the site? He agreed, he said he was learning programming, but he also said, "I need to do the site as soon as possible, so I still have to find someone to do the site, because when I learn to build the site, sow will lay eggs." ”

The young man's answer was simply an answer, and he was likely to be a true and honest one. In my eyes, the lad looks smart and is likely to succeed because of the site (hopefully). The girls who are eager to get out of the way, the rush will make you miss one of the most helpful things: learning a real skill. These girls are so focused on the virtual time limit they set, so sure that their ideas will become the next Facebook, and it seems to them that learning to program, design, or sell such practical skills has become worthless.

I don't blame them at all. If I had only 6 months to create my next Facebook, I wouldn't want to waste my time learning about my fart skills.

But there is one thing that people who try to realize their ideas may have the intellect to know, but not to be aware of it emotionally. In this world of the unknown that we live in, their seemingly flawless ideas are often doomed to a failed outcome. Why to mention the feelings of understanding, I would like to say that their intelligence is no problem, will read, will listen to other entrepreneurs tell stories, all kinds of ways can let them know their hands of the product can be the chance of success is small and small. However, know that the occurrence of one thing is often very small impact on people's behavior, only from the emotional understanding to let people wake up, as you fail once, it is easy to realize that you are in the same situation again will probably not succeed. This is the so-called "oh, how painful the understanding."

As a young entrepreneur, when you truly realize how small a chance your product is, the only value you can derive from this product is the personal capital you accumulate-what you learn in the project. Like a good friend of mine once said: "It's not the project that matters, it's not the next project, it's the project that you continue to fail and fail to perform perfectly in the future." ”

In the "Breakthrough" article, well-known screenwriter Terryrossio told us his outburst into the film industry story:

"When I was 21 years old, I had a very good discovery. (I remember this discovery very clearly, because my mind was very advanced in that relatively old and foolish age.) I find that anyone, in any field, who has been in the same position for more than 10 years, will become an expert at this job. Whether it's a grocery store, a college professor, a mechanic or a pilot, you'll have to work at your opponent's fingertips as long as you've been doing it for 10 years.

Since I've planned to spend 10 on learning and practicing screenwriters, I've had less stress: it doesn't make sense for you to push yourself to failure in the 4th year, when it is destined to take 10 years. This gave me a long time to analyze and explore the industry, skills, craftsmanship, history, and so on. Step-by-step, from the style, style, character, concept to the topic has been understood. In other words, we give ourselves the space to practice. And in the course of practice, we can find all the elements of creating a good script. ”

This passage aroused my strong sympathy. Because this is simply the opposite of the "anxious" mentality ah! Terryrossio not to sell a script in front of the company in 21st century, he learned to graduate school, but also found a "real" work, but this can be described as lazy, uncompetitive or cowardly? This is a time span of 10 years to look at one thing, a no because you have to find a job to pay the bill to get tired of impatient people.

It was because he gave himself time that he had enough space to acquire the skills of the writer, and he finally became a screenwriter.

If it takes 10 years to write a good script, what exactly makes us so sure it won't be 10 years before we can rush out a great entrepreneur?

Perhaps some interesting anecdotes can help me to make this question more clear. A glance at Forbes ' 30-year-old Diamond King's list of the tech industry-why tech? Because the business is here Ah! --What do you think their age distribution looks like?

25 years old for the watershed half open? Child, that duty!

60% over 25 years of age? Eva, you think more.

Of the 30 joint venture teams, only 3 teams are completely composed of people under the age of 25. It means that 88% of team leaders are at least one-fourth centuries old.

It is also worth noting that 18 out of 30 teams, or more than half of the team, have at least one co-founder who has stepped on the four line.

Conclusion: It takes time to start a business. In fact, it will take a few years to do anything worthwhile. Therefore, if you are young and inexperienced, then it takes 6 months to learn a skill, such as programming, design, sales, is not a waste of time, but investment time.

But the reason why girls say so many things is worth pondering:

I have to raise money before se years Dog day.

I have to feed myself before I graduate, or I'll have to shut down and get a job.

After I graduate, I have to stop starting a business to find a livelihood, because people don't want to live with their parents.

These words are sometimes really realistic and reasonable considerations. A lot of parents can't afford to move back and squeeze in with their kids after they graduate from college. Many entrepreneurs do not have enough savings to keep the company running until they are able to feed the founders, and not quickly enough to invest.

But for many people, these are just excuses to hurry. Are you really going to die if you don't get a job right away? Or do you feel embarrassed to move to your parents ' place?

How much do you want to start a business?

Even if you really have to find a job--most people will find it at a certain time--is it the tomb of your business to find a job? The nine-to-five formal job really prevents you from starting a business? With Garyvaynerchuk like to say a sentence to answer you, "7 o'clock in the evening to 2 o'clock in the morning, it is a good shaoguang sabotage!" ”

If you have to play a real job, remember to work for someone you respect, a person who can teach you how to be a good entrepreneur. If you can't even do that, then go and be a janitor.

I don't want to discredit the doorman, but in the right situation, a perfect formal job for an entrepreneur who continues to accumulate learning is to be a janitor: someone else invites you to a suitable building, regularly scans the passers-by, and then signs them, except for a long time sitting and giving you money. how nice! In the interval where you don't have to do anything, you can indulge in learning: Writing code, designing, or practicing any technology that a startup might need.

The reality of finding a job should not be an excuse for entrepreneurs to limit their success over time. Life is not limited to between 9 and 5, it should only force you to manage your time better.

If you are a young entrepreneur and are preparing to start a project, then I want you to ask yourself:

If I have 10 years to start a business, what should I do now?

If there is no external conditions, no time for oppression, I have to learn which skills to smile to the end?

One of the most important issues is:

Why am I in such a hurry?


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"Reprint" Entrepreneur, why are you in such a hurry?

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