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The way of contact between entrepreneur and VC

Because of the high risk attribute, it is difficult to obtain funds through bank loan, and the venture capital of "high risk and high profit" is in line with the financing characteristics of these enterprises. However, most entrepreneurs lack experience in dealing with venture capitalists and often get shut out after contact with VC. Therefore, how to obtain the favor of VC has become a general concern of entrepreneurs.  Most entrepreneurs lack the experience of dealing with venture capitalists

How to embrace failure in the course of an entrepreneur's metamorphosis 4-gambling entrepreneurship in God's hair

The killer of God's fat brother.( Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder note : Successful entrepreneurs are like smart gamblers. Smart gamblers count our familiar gambling gods. The 3 traits that successful entrepreneurs describe in this section coincide with the high-stakes gods of gamblers. God of Gamblers 2 begins to describe the gambling god high into the wife and children were Chau Siu-crazy persecution and death, this is like an entrepreneur in t

Five steps from a migrant worker to an entrepreneur

Countless migrant workers dream of being able to start their own company one day at a time. It always feels that he has the right skills or the right entrepreneurial ideas to enter a field and build a successful career. But, these people are still just in the head of the fantasy, they have not really put into action to start the pursuit of their entrepreneurial ideas. Why is this?If you have an idea that you can start a business without really letting go, why is it slowing you down?For many aspi

"Reprint" Entrepreneur, why are you in such a hurry?

Entrepreneur, why are you in such a hurry?OrderBear as a business in Silicon Valley, the cock Silk, said this article gave him a great relief and inspiration, easing his impetuous mentality. "I decided to translate this article," he said on the phone. So I decided to take the good, the first translation. This translation strictly does not follow the letter Tatsu elegance, and is full of face sister style, welcome criticism.Why are you nen worried?As f

Yan Jiehe Excerpt from his speech at the Forum on management innovation and Entrepreneur Growth

my mind, first-class entrepreneurs only do things, second-class entrepreneurs do things first, and third-class entrepreneurs do things first. In the past, the language of the young people we cultivate is the language of the officialdom. The officialdom advocates being a person first and then doing things. If it advocates this, the Enterprise will certainly be poor. Who will provide a platform for human beings, what qualifications do you have. First, the key leaders will discover and praise You,

Beijing internet entrepreneur More than Shanghai and Guangzhou add up! (Multi-image)

The has recently created an entrepreneur Map distribution feature that allows entrepreneurs to mark their location and then view other entrepreneurs in their vicinity based on their location to facilitate collaboration. Here are some of the analyses and distributions we've made based on the data that entrepreneurs have labeled. As can be seen from the above figure. Beijing's Internet entrepreneurs accounted for a considerable

APPCAN3.0 is highly recognized by developers at the Internet entrepreneur Conference

May 10, the ninth China Internet Entrepreneur Conference held in Beijing International Conference Center, with the theme of "Building a mobile business ecosystem", the conference attracted more than 3,000 entrepreneurs, more than 300 industry guests and more than 200 media reporters. of the participation. Appcan as a domestic well-known mobile application development platform, with 3.0 Exhibitors , and picked the Best Mobile Technology Serv

How do you embrace failure in the process of transforming from a migrant worker to an entrepreneur 1-preface

The Metamorphosis from the migrant worker to the entrepreneur is not an impossible initiative, but there is a corresponding resistance and failure to follow.The old saying is cloud, failure is the mother of success. Failure is to successfully verify the viability of a hypothesis. This concept was described in the comic-book Web site of the failed entrepreneur through a hilarious description. In the light of

The key to the success of the entrepreneur Analysis _ classic NET Pick

began to open a small shop, to ripe old age or that store, this is not a start-up, at best to maintain a livelihood, to ensure that their survival. The beginning is a small factory, to the last or the small factory, this is not a start-up, and work, for other workers to distinguish between two. The beginning is a company, to the owner dying, size or that small company, this is not a start-up, but only a person who can maintain their own meals. The so-called

Network new entrepreneur must keep in mind

Network new entrepreneur must remember: 1). Do not be greedy big. Young people are ideal, old thinking to earn money, do not want to earn a penny, not down-to-earth to do, so entrepreneurial very dangerous. You can not be made into a portal, you can not make Baidu, you feel at ease do you see, do the next step, sleep in the middle of the night to dream about the concept of the portal, but when you do, or realistic point. Otherwise you will be very pas

Entrepreneur feeling: Pay is should, the return is not necessary!

used to communicate the idea: as an entrepreneur, how can we survive, develop and grow in the market? What does a start-up company have? No money, no people, no resources, no experience, some just entrepreneurial passion and time. Entrepreneurial passion only superficial understanding is not enough, but also includes the project's focus, perseverance, compression, desire ... Entrepreneurs have to work far more than others, and my idea is to spend an

"Entrepreneur" Reading notes "Turn"

"Entrepreneur – The story of the world's most successful technology company start-up" reading notes:Recommendation one: from the book we found that although some entrepreneurs have a clear goal at the outset, but more people do not seem to think that they will achieve such a big maturity, they just because of the occasional encounter a good idea, and deeply in love with it, so tireless to pursue, that's all. Very similar to the beginning of the young

A rethink of a tech-school entrepreneur

Although today I have become a bold but cautious-skinned [compared to the former I] of it male, but never denied that my programmer experience, and even occasionally feel preface will write code, the kind of strokes on the keyboard line of beautiful code with the wind fluttering scenes, like the feeling of finding first love. I began to work in the University of the process has been 21 years, has a strong and indestructible spirit of old ox, although now live so carelessly, but I am still gratef

The VC market, the team, the innovation theory, you are misleading the entrepreneur

The sky was so bright that I couldn't sleep. How does a start-up go from 0 to 1? In many media, we often see VC talk, summed up the view of the winners: Market, Team, innovation, that is to measure whether an enterprise can be worth the investment of the three elements, or to measure whether one can move to the three elements of success. This is wrong, is misleading the entrepreneur, To do one thing successfully is to need three elements, but not mark

As a programmer entrepreneur, let's talk about "Old Luo vs. Wang ziru"

I have watched three-hour combat videos as a programmer and entrepreneurs. After reading these videos, I feel a little touched and share them with you. 1 It's not easy for Luo and Wang ziru to start their own business. I hope they will succeed. It is not easy to start a business. 95% of the entrepreneurs will die. I have deep experiences as a programmer and entrepreneur. This is a tearful history. The company I founded and our product-iopenworks plug-

The poem of the entrepreneur, the distance and the work not Tang donated

gradually interested in pointing to the direction of life, henceforth oblivious, only write C + +."Brother, I want to start a business!" ”After graduating from his master's degree, Tang Xiufu began his 8-year career as an entrepreneur. He is a software engineer, research and development manager, Project manager, Sales Manager, customer Service Manager, senior product manager, and CEO at a start-up company. "This is not the biggest charm of the start-

The free version of the push is open! -Entrepreneur Booster Program is on the hot

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" The free version of the push is open. jpg "alt=" wkiom1uy6fuyzl2jaailqjrjvfq418.jpg "/>A push since its inception, from scratch, well aware of the hardships and difficulties of entrepreneurship, launched an entrepreneur booster program to help start-up companies and small and medium-sized enterprises to grow faster and better.Entrepreneur Boost

Wang Zhaoyang: Caring for left-behind children is the responsibility of every entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are not only in the past, now, or in the future, have played an important role. They are not only important forces to save society, but also the mainstay of economic development.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" border:0px;margin:0px;padding:0px;font-size:0px; "alt=" be21f089294146429def9e6903dd453f_th.jpg "/>Recently, Mr. Wang Zhaoyang, President of Shanghai quality Delivery Investment company, approac

Ten biggest business mistakes that every entrepreneur should Avoid

whether that's the best use of your time.I ' m a big believer of outsourcing, and a big challenge there is to find the right contractor overseas. Recently while talking with an entrepreneur, she told me, she hired a person on elance who go through all the bids on Her elance projects and present she has the best options.9. Choosing the wrong business partnerChoosing the wrong business partner are probably one of the worst business mistakes you can mak

10 tips: from programmers to entrepreneurs-10 tips for moving from programmer to entrepreneur

10 tips for moving from programmer to entrepreneur Many people who participate in barcamp are suffering fromProgramMembers are transformed into entrepreneurs. Even though I have never been a crazy codoon (keep myself in the basement for a week and make 100,000 million linesCodeSo =. =), But I have also made such a transformation. During the years when I founded helpspot, I have also summed up some experiences and what will happen to people who will

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