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UbuntuEdge mobile phone funding fails to meet expectations

After more than a week, UbuntuEdge received only $7.42 million in funding on Indiegogo, far from its target of funding $32 million a month, even if funding continues at the current rate, there will still be millions of dollars in the end of a month, not to mention the more difficult it will be to raise funds later. The

Yuantiku announced that it received a C round of $15 million billion in funding and will launch the junior high school question bank to get more middle school students. K12 is the focus of the future.

Today, yuantiku announced that it has received a C round of $15 million billion in funding. This round of investment is Jingwei China and IDG Capital. After this round of financing, yuantiku's valuation is USD 0.125 billion. Latitude and longitude China and IDG Capital are also the first two rounds of investors in yuantiku. In 2012, yuantiku received an IDG of $2.2 million in a round of financing, in 2013, the company received $7 million in Round B

Scientific research funding

According to the recommended funding list of the 2012 National jieqing fund and the funding list of major scientific and technological research projects of the Ministry of Education, we will look at the research in the computer field. Peking University Machine awareness Theory and Application Research Cha Hongbin Peking University Research on Key Technology of Network Archi

NEO graph database Neo4j received $10.6 million billion in funding

Graph database is a professional non-mainstream database, but non-SQL database is gradually recognized by the mainstream. Neo4j, the open-source database of NeoTechnology, received $10.6 million in funding, is the latest evidence. The Fund was provided by a venture capital company headed by FidelityGrowthPartners, which was also the first venture capital company to invest in financing. Graph database is a professional non-mainstream database, but non

Add the ZIP file to the program funding source file and decompress the file at run time.

Add the ZIP file to the program funding source file and decompress the file at run time. Today, I am doing research on the installation package program. My colleagues previously published a lot of scattered files into an installation folder for users. This is a poor experience. I hope to package all the files into one.. Solution Process: 1. Use the WinRAR tool to package all scattered files into a ZIP file, such as 2. Create a console or

Quirky, a startup company, received $68 million in funding and founder, 24 years old

Beijing Time September 7 News, according to the Science and technology news website Business Insider reported that the 24-year-old young Ben Kaufman (Ben Kaufman) The creation of the popular New York start-up company Quirky recently in the C round of financing to obtain 68 million U.S. dollars investment. This means that, since its inception in 2009, Quirky has received 91.3 million of dollars in funding. This round of financing is led by the Anderso

Php-about funding withdrawal and judgment! PHP

# The recharge withdrawal function is available on the website. I want to limit and determine the withdrawal amount for a specific user. For example, if a user whose user ID is 001 withdraws cash, the maximum withdrawal amount is equal to the total

Eight Words are recognized in programming: 1 Professional 2 Jing 3 Qian 4 Funding 5 wu6 Shen 7 passthrough 8 Heng

1. "The spring breeze of one night is like a spring breeze. \" the current technology is blooming. Do not be greedy. Do not blindly pursue new technologies. Only AlgorithmIs the soul. 2. "Not indifferent to ambition, not peaceful to go far. \"

Alipay has a part of the funding is frozen the solution

Alipay transfer is based on your trust in the transaction, voluntary payment to each other, once you click on the payment, the money will immediately reach the other side Alipay account, please use caution. 1, Login to pay treasure:

Zhou Hongyi: Reminds companies that have successfully received funding

Unclear strategy and unclear direction The easiest mistake for enterprises after successful financing is to become unclear strategies and unclear directions, because they cannot control their desire to try anything because they have more money,

Websites: funding is more important than making profits!

Looking at the development history of a successful website, it is not difficult for us to understand the meaning of this topic .......From Amazon ( and Yahoo ( to more than a dozen websites listed overseas in China, if you pay

The failure of the mobile phone fundraising project in UbuntuEdge is far from the target

On the evening of July 22, August 22, Beijing time, Canonical, a developer of the pivotulinux system, launched a crowdfunding campaign for the UbuntuEdge smartphone on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo last month to raise $32 million. This week, the final funding result was nearly $20 million from this target, and the project was terminated. From October 21 to September 21, more than 27 thousand supporters

Tuedge's "board brick" design is "anti-Humanity "?

As a Ubuntu/Android dual-start smartphone, the UbuntuEdge project started off on Indiegogo. If the fund-raising succeeds, the 4.5 inch sapphire screen @ 1280x720 resolution (300PPI) mobile phone will also bring massive 4 GB memory and GB internal storage. Last month, we saw a very short rotating video on YouTube, but after seeing the published photo, we had to doubt mdash; mdas As a dual-boot Ubuntu/Android smartphone, the Ubuntu Edge project starte

$10.6 million, UbuntuEdge surpassing Pebble's largest fundraising project in history

Today, the Canonical mobile phone brand UbuntuEdge, on the page of the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, shows that the fundraising for this project has already exceeded $10.6 million. This broke the $10.26 million fundraising record previously created by Pebble smart watches on KickStarter and became the most frequently-raised product in the current fixed fundraising project. However, UbuntuEdge is set too high ($32 million) as a fundraising target, w

Canonical will still release Ubuntu mobile phone

A month ago, Canonical launched a crowdfunding project on indiegogo to raise $32 million a month ago, according to foreign media reports. A month later, the UbuntuEdge project apparently failed to reach its expected goal, but it still raised $12.8128 million to become the most popular crowdfunding project. However, although the project did not reach the goal, the Canonical team did not intend to give up Ubun A month ago, Canonical launched a crowdfund

Canonical is seeking to raise $32 million to create a smartphone UbuntuEdge

Canonical launched a $32 million UbuntuEdge smart phone funding manufacturing project on the Volkswagen financing platform indiegogo. UbuntuEdge is only limited to 40 thousand units, of which the Oneday version is priced at $600 (sold), and the price of the later version is increased to $810. One of the reasons why the price is so high is that the configuration is ultra-Luxurious: 4 GB memory, 4.5 inch GB s

We are doomed to fail to raise funds. UbuntuEdge is also worthy of respect.

About a month ago, in July 23 this year, the famous Linux publisher Canonical announced on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo that it had launched a fund-raising program of up to $32 million for the super mobile phone UbuntuEdge. The fund-raising plan stipulates that, within 30 days from that time, the mobile phone will be produced if the fund is raised for $32 million. If the target is not met, all previous donations will be refunded to the user. Wha

Ten Volkswagen PCs: How Silicon Valley's new generation builds next-gen computers

Ten Volkswagen PCs: How Silicon Valley's new generation builds next-gen computers Source: CNET Technology Information NetworkThe crowdfunding revolution has spawned many attractive desktops, laptops and Tablet PCs. Here are some of the most interesting and successful examples.While the PC market is no longer a fast-growing industry as it used to be, it does not stop innovators from building new products through crowdfunding projects.By slashing part costs (sometimes including open s

Ubuntu mobile operating system: application and data separation

Mark middot; MarkShuttleworth, founder of the Canonical and UbuntuLinux operating systems, said: mobile phones with open source Ubuntu systems will take another important step. According to previous CIOJournal reports, Mark Chang's Ubuntu mobile phone can run desktop applications and access peripheral devices, such as large screen monitors and keyboards. In other words, he is committed to implementing a real mobile desktop-level portable computer mdash ; Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical

MarkShuttleworth announced that UbuntuEdge will be supported for six years.

MarkShuttleworth (head of Ubuntu parent company) announced on that UbuntuEdge will be supported for six years. Wewanttosuppthetheedgewithupdatesto14.04ltsandthenthroughthelifeof14.04lts, whichwouldbeatotalof6ye Mark Shuttleworth (head of Ubuntu parent company) announced on that Ubuntu Edge will be supported for six years. We want to support the edge with updates to 14.04 LTS and then through the life of 14.04 LTS, which wocould be a total of 6 years. Mark Shuttleworth M

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