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Tips: Command-line installation of Adobe AIR app for playbook on playbook virtual machines

Environment: PlayBook Beta 1 virtual machine To open security-> Development mode on the simulator, set the password set Path=c:/program files/adobe/adobe Flash Builder 4/sdks/blackberry-tablet-sdk-0.9.1/bin;%path% blackberry-deploy-installapp-device Test002.barSending Install request ...Action:installFile size:939904Installing ...Actual_dname::test002.testdgvzddawmiagicagicagicaActual_id::testdgvzddawmiagicagicagicaactual_ve

The playbook of 3.3 ansible

Playbook1 Playbook is a list consisting of one or more "play"The main function of 2 play is to dress up a pre-merged host into a role defined in advance by a task in ansible. Fundamentally, the so-called task is nothing more than a module that calls Ansible. Organize multiple play in a single playbook, which allows them to join together to sing a drama with a pre-programmed mechanism3

Ansible6:playbook simple Use "turn"

Ansbile-playbook is a collection of Ansible commands written in the Yaml language. The Playbook command executes sequentially from top to bottom. At the same time, playbook has created a number of features that allow you to transfer the state of a command to a later instruction, such as the ability to grab content from a file in a machine and attach it to a varia

RIM released PlayBook OS 2.0 to support some Android applications

The built-in functions of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 include email, calendar, and contacts. Users can use these features to quickly manage their emails and schedules, and view their contacts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also interact well with your social network account in the calendar. The newly added BlackBerry Bridge feature allows users to use their BlackBerry smartphones to control

Linux Nine Yin canon of nine yin Bones claw fragment 5 (ansible usage two playbook and YAML syntax)

Playbook is a list of one or more "play"The main function of play is to dress up a pre-set host as a role defined in advance through the task in ansible. Fundamentally, the so-called task is nothing more than a call to Ansible's module. By organizing multiple play in one playbook, you can connect them to run in a pre-programmed mechanism.Playbook use Yaml language to write each ansible

Automated O & M-ansible (Part 3: playbook Introduction)

Preface Two previous articles talk about ansible deployment and use of ansible modules respectively. They have an initial understanding of ansible. This article focuses on introducing playbook.For details about ansible deployment, click ansible first: DeploymentAnsible module celebration: ansible Part 2: module usage Playbook Introduction Playbook is a list composed of one or more playbooks. Its main func

Ansible7:playbook Common module "Turn"

Playbook modules are somewhat different from the modules used under the Ansible command line. This is mainly because some facts variables and some variables obtained from the remote host through the Setup module are used in playbook. Some modules are not able to run under the command line, because they require these variables. And even those modules that can work at the command line can get some more advanc

How to embrace failure in the course of an entrepreneur's metamorphosis 4-gambling entrepreneurship in God's hair

The killer of God's fat brother.( Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder note : Successful entrepreneurs are like smart gamblers. Smart gamblers count our familiar gambling gods. The 3 traits that successful entrepreneurs describe in this section coincide with the high-stakes gods of gamblers. God of Gamblers 2 begins to describe the gambling god high into the wife and children were Chau Siu-crazy persecution and death, this is like an entrepreneur in t

BlackBerry PlayBook or inability to withstand iPad 2

The popular BlackBerry fans and the tablet PlayBook favored by RIM have recently encountered a "deep dive" dilemma: the launch soon announced the recall of thousands of hosts, because users had trouble working on the screen while loading protocols, this step is a required program for user registration and cannot be completed, which means that the PlayBook in hand is useless. At present, RIM is stepping up i

Five steps from a migrant worker to an entrepreneur

Countless migrant workers dream of being able to start their own company one day at a time. It always feels that he has the right skills or the right entrepreneurial ideas to enter a field and build a successful career. But, these people are still just in the head of the fantasy, they have not really put into action to start the pursuit of their entrepreneurial ideas. Why is this?If you have an idea that you can start a business without really letting go, why is it slowing you down?For many aspi

"Reprint" Entrepreneur, why are you in such a hurry?

Entrepreneur, why are you in such a hurry?OrderBear as a business in Silicon Valley, the cock Silk, said this article gave him a great relief and inspiration, easing his impetuous mentality. "I decided to translate this article," he said on the phone. So I decided to take the good, the first translation. This translation strictly does not follow the letter Tatsu elegance, and is full of face sister style, welcome criticism.Why are you nen worried?As f

Ansible Playbook API Development Call test

Ansible is a lightweight batch configuration management tool for agentless, because of the relatively late (13) development based on ansible less relevant documents, so here are some small experiments, combined with the existing data and source code, explore the Ansible two times development.The contents of the essay are divided into three parts. Playbook Edit Execution Python invokes API execution pl

The way of contact between entrepreneur and VC

Because of the high risk attribute, it is difficult to obtain funds through bank loan, and the venture capital of "high risk and high profit" is in line with the financing characteristics of these enterprises. However, most entrepreneurs lack experience in dealing with venture capitalists and often get shut out after contact with VC. Therefore, how to obtain the favor of VC has become a general concern of entrepreneurs.  Most entrepreneurs lack the experience of dealing with venture capitalists

Yan Jiehe Excerpt from his speech at the Forum on management innovation and Entrepreneur Growth

my mind, first-class entrepreneurs only do things, second-class entrepreneurs do things first, and third-class entrepreneurs do things first. In the past, the language of the young people we cultivate is the language of the officialdom. The officialdom advocates being a person first and then doing things. If it advocates this, the Enterprise will certainly be poor. Who will provide a platform for human beings, what qualifications do you have. First, the key leaders will discover and praise You,

RIM tablet PlayBook will support Android

Can PlayBook run Android programs? The dust has finally landed! RIM announced yesterday that in order to bring applications into the PlayBook ecosystem, it will provide developers with tools to enable PlayBook to support Android applications. RIM is preparing to launch the software tool "App Players" to enable BlackBerry's Java and Android 2.3 programs to run si

How to transfer files in Ubuntu12.04LTS for PlayBook

If you have a BlackBerryPlayBook tablet and develop it in Ubuntu, you can do this by connecting to the NDK. But how can you transfer files under Ubuntu12.04LTS? Haha! Just a few simple steps to operate the files in PlayBook like a USB flash drive in windows! Premise: the same vro connected to the computer and PlayBook. If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet an

Ansible-playbook how to judge and interrupt execution

Meet a demand today when using Ansible-playbook after executing a script, according to the content returned by the script to determine whether to continue execution or break execution, query official website found using Register Register can be used to achieve the recording script output, using when+ Fail module to determine whether to proceed or break down, here is a simple example: Ansible service on, first executes a script, the scri

Python-ansible api2.0 Multi-Process execution of different playbook

Automated operations Tools: ansible Application scenario for multi-process call Ansible API: Application System Check An application system may have a cluster of 20-50 servers, and a preliminary system-level check can be checked with a unified playbook, such as (Df-h command). But deep into the application layer, there are some personalized applications, such as 2 HTTP servers, 20 middleware servers in 4 database servers, and so on, che

APPCAN3.0 is highly recognized by developers at the Internet entrepreneur Conference

May 10, the ninth China Internet Entrepreneur Conference held in Beijing International Conference Center, with the theme of "Building a mobile business ecosystem", the conference attracted more than 3,000 entrepreneurs, more than 300 industry guests and more than 200 media reporters. of the participation. Appcan as a domestic well-known mobile application development platform, with appcan.cn 3.0 Exhibitors , and picked the Best Mobile Technology Serv

How do you embrace failure in the process of transforming from a migrant worker to an entrepreneur 1-preface

The Metamorphosis from the migrant worker to the entrepreneur is not an impossible initiative, but there is a corresponding resistance and failure to follow.The old saying is cloud, failure is the mother of success. Failure is to successfully verify the viability of a hypothesis. This concept was described in the comic-book Web site of the failed entrepreneur through a hilarious description. In the light of

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