"Rich Dad, Poor dad" book--How to achieve financial freedom

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Recently, read a book "Rich Dad and poor dad", had heard that the book sales are very hot, so reading a bit. How to say that, just read the first impression of this book is that this book is not suitable for Chinese

Especially me, the content is not much interesting things and attractions, but the more read to the back, the more I feel the book sales so high is reasonable, some knowledge, especially investment in financial things, is very

Worth knowing, and waiting to read the back you will feel a kind of blood surging, want to make a lot of impulse. This book is about "Rich dad, Poor dad", in fact, most of the talk is "Rich Dad", so like me

The poor, read the book and began to understand the rich people's way of thinking, the rich is how to make money, know that there is not only income and expenditure in life and work, there should be assets and liabilities, know that you should not

Live only on salary. Here I read the understanding and understanding of the book after I wrote.

The great thing about reading this book is knowing assets and liabilities, and we used to know only income and expenses, that is, how much you pay, how much money you make, and how much money you have saved, and you don't know,

In addition to our wage income and asset income, part of our spending is debt. Explain these four words, income: The salary you pay for your mental work; expenses: All the things in your life

The cost of food and clothing; assets: Assets do not require you to pay much labor to make his own money, according to the simple understanding of books, is able to put money in your pocket of things; Debt: You can get it out of your pocket.

Money, such as interest on bank mortgages, the biggest difference between the poor and the wealthy is that the poor depend on income and the rich depend on their assets. And what is a financial quotient is a kind of wisdom that can create wealth and keep the wealth, read

This book you will understand these nouns, and experience it, perhaps you will learn the author of the Wealth of knowledge, and create their own fortune, to get their own assets.

I'm going to talk about this book in my opinion now! Although many things in this book make me realize a lot of things, but I still feel that this book may not be suitable for many people, some in China this kind of society is difficult

to embody. In China, at least in the present situation, the right to have influence, to have the ability to do something, such as buy and sell, speculation, and you rely on the mere financial quotient, in China is not still a bit difficult ah! To rely on

Political and economic can only be achieved, not by the economy alone. Also, if you are a carp, you can also have capital to jump the Longmen, but if you are a loach that! You are under the pressure of life, you do not have the first bucket of gold,

What do you do to achieve your assets, you don't even have income, even life is difficult, how do you achieve financial freedom. There is a saying good "dream to have, in case the realization of that", China's current society is becoming more and more mature

, and become more and more normal, if you have the ability to have this talent, you can also fully realize their own wealth dream.

Read this book to me also touched very big, have a little wealth business knowledge, before always want to pay high on the line, there are 6 K think 8K, to 8 K and then want 10K, always think the salary is high can, on everything has,

But your salary is high, rely on people to work, rely on wages you will achieve financial freedom, just look at the first-tier city prices, you think, you have to fight for many years to have their own set of rooms, can be financial freedom, I think

The odds are not a little low. So in big cities, especially the first-tier cities, rely on work, wages are not out of the head, we should have investment knowledge, financial ability, slowly to buy some assets, until one day

Your assets generate more money than you spend, and you can achieve financial freedom. Now is still young, so what we have to do now is to work hard, struggle and struggle to find ways to get their first bucket

Gold, and then the others would be good to run. Efforts!

Rich Dad and poor Dad essence Abstract:

1. Chances are fleeting, knowing when to make a decision quickly is a very important skill

2. It's easier to change yourself than to change others

3. Never forget that you have two kinds of emotions--desires and fears

4. Opportunities are in front of people, but most people do not see these opportunities

5. Learn to let your feelings follow your thoughts instead of letting your thoughts follow your feelings

6. People fail because they are afraid of failure. 7. Greed is the root of all evils, poverty is the root of all evils 8. Once people stop seeking knowledge, they become ignorant.

"Rich Dad, Poor dad" book--How to achieve financial freedom

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