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Beyond Compare presumably everyone knows that it is a professional-grade file comparison tool that we will often use for work reasons. The older version of Beyond compare can only be applied to Windows and Linux systems, making thousands of fruit powder feel powerless, now the latest version of Beyond Compare4 has fully supported Mac systems, and beyond compare official to facilitate the use of fruit powder, The Chinese version of Beyond Comparefor Mac has been officially released.

Now you can download it for free with just a click of http://www.beyondcompare.cc/xiazai.html.

Beyond Comparemac Edition Interface Introduction

Beyond Compare is a simple interface, powerful file content contrast software. Opening the software, we found that the included comparison types include: folder comparison, folder merging, folder synchronization, text comparison, text merge, table comparison, 16 binary comparison, MP3 comparison, picture comparison. The main interface contains beyond Compare, sessions, views, tools, windows, and Help menus. The middle part also set the shortcut button to enter the comparison type session interface, the whole page is simple and refreshing, easy to operate.

  Beyond version Comparemac features:

Beyond Compare for Mac can be very professional on Mac OS system compared to two files or two different folders, and each different by different colors to distinguish, you can clearly and obviously understand the different support of two similar files, It is easy for developers and designers to work with.

Beyond version Comparemac, although less than the Windows version of the registry comparison and version comparison of two types of comparison, but its function is not as good as the Windows edition. Its function is not only limited to compare two files, but also can compare the contents of two directories on the computer, the contents of the FTP address, as well as the content of the text files, including the UTF-8, HTML, Delphi source program and other text files, the difference is very powerful.


  Beyond version Comparemac features:

Compare folders, FTP sites, or Zip files in parallel;

Save the snapshot for a later comparison;

browser-like interface;

Extensible sub-folders;

Hide the less-than-needed folders;

color highlighting of differences;

Color-coded the folder icon according to the content;

several display filters;

Show all, only difference, match only;

Matching on both sides, mismatched on both sides;

Isolated, older and newer;

Classification by name, type, date modified, size or CRC;

Multi-threaded operation;

Use different Unicode normalization forms to align filenames;

Scan folders in the background

Compare files in the background.

Beyond Compare for Mac is a software that is known as the Code Farm artifact on Mac OS platform, and is used primarily for text editing and file comparisons, and he can help you compare the specifics of two files to help programmers easily and happily solve problems. The new release of Beyond Compare for Mac is now a great benefit for those who use the software. Now visit beyond Compare Chinese official website, you can download the experience, you still hesitate? Hurry up and get moving!

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"Turn" Beyond Compare for Mac Chinese version shock attack! --Good

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