RABBIMQ connection problem Handling

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Today encountered a RABBITMQ connection problem, before I write code test time did not appear, so do a small summary, because it is the other Project test deployment environment found problems, so the first to troubleshoot or a bit of a pit ...

A new RABBITMQ on the client connection, not created successfully, there are several possibilities, 1: The user name password is not correct, the user may not have been created at all, 2: no access; 3: no setting virtual_host;

The first two points do not say, I have to go to the good of the creation of the configuration, the 3rd is a bit easier to ignore, because I have been the client with the Guest user login, RABBITMQ default virtual host is "\", so there has been no problem, today try to use another user Exh_admin login and found that the connection could not be created

At that time to see the error here can not locate the problem, and then log on to the server to view the MQ logs, to find the following information

Seems a bit of a clue, according to the management interface to view, Exh_admin user does not have "\" permission, only set the "EXH", the code is sent before the message is not set, the system is the default to "\" virtual host, so the connection will create a failure

RABBIMQ connection problem Handling

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